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Pc on marvel run

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5 Star Enhancement Scroll x1
Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50% x1
Tinkerer's Chest x1

in Windia.
Posted: July 2013 Permalink


Marcustann99 Level 117 Windia Hayato 4
dont know about 5 star but
chaos scroll 210m
tinkers chest take it to that girl beside the gach to get a belt or shoulder
Jul 06 2013
Hexlor8 Level 54 Windia Kaiser 2
tinker's equipment has been in FM for about 2b or so~
Jul 06 2013
cheapstuff Level 163 Scania Wild Hunter 4
Depends on the tinker item most of them are like 500m- unless it Black or Red
Jul 06 2013
I was planning to just sell the code for the Tinkers Chest.
EDIT: The Tinker's Chest code.
Jul 06 2013

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