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Perfect character card/link skill set

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atanate2 Level 121 Reboot Mercedes 4
I was wondering what the most ideal character card sets are for a hero? As well as what link skills would be ideal as well?
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generalstore Level 120 Kradia Night Walker 4 See what games, anime & art generalstore is intoGeneralStore
Copied from my previous comment in the hero thread:

Deck 1: Mechanic, Xenon, Shade (Pirate deck)
Deck 2: Kaiser, Hayato, Demon Avenger (Warrior deck)
Deck 3: Kanna, Marksman, Beast Tamer (Misc.)

Other cards to consider:
Corsair (1st/3rd deck), Jett (1st/3rd deck), and Mercedes (3rd deck) for summons.
Demon Slayer (2nd/3rd deck) for bossing.
Aran (2nd/3rd deck) for bosses such as Hard Magnus maybe.
Zero (2nd/3rd deck) for training.

Pretty much all the cards that matter. If you're at the point where you cap on everything without panic and don't care about dojo, I'd start subbing out %dmg, boss, crit for summons/duration types or any of the cards to consider.

Helpful info:
Cards/card sets that promise att or damage based on level or hp provide small amounts of fixed damage that isn't worthwhile.

For link skills:
-Beast Tamer (up to level 3)
-Demon Avenger (3)
-Demon Slayer (3)
-Eunwol (3)
-Kanna (2)
-Phantom (3)
-Cygnus Knights 5 set (2)
-Zero (5)
-Resistance 3 set (2)
-Luminous (3)
-Xenon (3?)
-Kinesis (2)

You can swap out any for Mercedes if you're training. I'm not sure how Jett and Mihile links stack up since I never used them, but I think they may be better than Kinesis if you have low crit. Angelic Buster's link is a fun skill to have if unfunded, but I don't think it has much impact on DPS for Heros. This list is based around endgame bossing scenarios, so if you do not boss much, you can swap out Luminous, Resistance, and maybe Cygnus or Demon Slayer for any other links that may be helpful.
Mar 17 2016
atanate2 Level 121 Reboot Mercedes 4
thank you so much for the response! Sorry I didn't see the previous thread you put this on.
Mar 17 2016
generalstore Level 120 Kradia Night Walker 4 See what games, anime & art generalstore is intoGeneralStore
NP, only the character card section was in the hero achievement thread. Was just stating. Wrote the link skill section on a whim so someone might have a better guide.
Mar 17 2016
freewii4mii Level 230 Bellocan Hero
I think mechanic isn't too useful, the only thing it affects (if you have 3 pets for rage + booster + maple warrior) is the duration of decent skills.

these are the links/cards I use
Mar 18 2016
cb000 Level 222 Bera Hero
The Mechanic card is thrown in just to complete the Pirate Deck; it's kinda difficult to find anything better to put in there.

Also, I wouldn't use Shade or Resistance link skills considering a properly-controlled Hero shouldn't be getting in death situations that often, except for bosses where you're expected to die so much that being saved once or twice really doesn't matter and you get some safety time after reviving for those bosses anyways. I've personally replaced them with Cannoneer and Kaiser link. Kaiser can probably be replaced by Jett's Core Aura, but I really don't like putting in NX to keep it locked (the marginal increase in attack isn't worth it for me).
Mar 18 2016
generalstore Level 120 Kradia Night Walker 4 See what games, anime & art generalstore is intoGeneralStore
@cb000: Always helpful for a hero in training. Gave up on maple almost an year ago and they kinda help in lotus now that I'm getting back into bossing. Even then, after getting the controls down, the shade link activation is a nice bonus for occasional fkups.
Mar 18 2016

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