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Permanent gold heart 25 w.att 15 luk Screen

By Spir

Spir Level 210 KradiaEMS Phantom 4
Oct 01 2012 Permanent "Gold Heart" in EMS, they come VERY rarely in Pigmy/Gacha/Toy Capsule. Was scrolled with 5x miracle scroll for Dagger for att, 1x AEE, Epic Pot scroll so far. Only costed me 1.2b to make this when leaving out the price of Cubes and Hammers (500m for heart, 500m for epic pot, and about 200m for the scrolls which i already had). I think there has been around 3-4 so far in 1.5 weeks it have been out. 2nd was sold 1b+, 3rd was sold 900m+5 white scrolls, 4th was sold 1b.

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wow nice. ems gets some good stuff
Oct 05 2012

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