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Permanently banned - Uncooperative customer support

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AugustRain Level 185 Scania Bow Master
Hello all,

Recently I've been permanently banned under the reasoning "hack and illegal use." After two attempts of contacting customer support to appeal and inquire on my ban, I've found their responses dissatisfactory and obtuse, usually containing generic statements and the obvious "your account was found in a serious violation of Nexon's Terms of Use."

Background: I tried logging in on April 26th and my account was permanently blocked under the hack reason. The last time I'd logged in was April 21st, so my ban ostensibly occurred when I was offline. Immediately, I sent in a ticket to customer support to explain my situation - how I wasn't involved in any hack or use of third-party program, and what could've possibly provoked this action. It was followed by a rather disappointing response saying that my account was involved in a serious violation of Nexon's Terms of Use. I wanted to know under what violations my account faced, but the GM I spoke to was unable to divulge any information regarding my sanction. So I sent in another ticket, hoping for a more satisfactory answer, but receive the same answer about how my account has seriously violated Nexon's Terms of Use and that my ban cannot be appealed. Further tickets about my ban appeal would be treated the same way. So I assumed it was futile to send in another ticket as my message; it's best to turn to the forum and ask for opinions.

This is becoming increasingly frustrating and has rendered great distress upon me. I'm contacting them to figure out what warranted my ban, what violations were entailed, and to provide clarification that I was not involved in any illegal use of the game, but none of that was conveyed. Is it Nexon's policy to not disclose information regarding your account? It's unjust that they could confiscate your account at any time, although I am aware that after signing the Terms of Use, your account technically belongs to Nexon and they could do what they please... however, I never would've guessed for arbitrary reasons.

To those who've been permanently banned, is Nexon really this unrelenting? Did you try to appeal your ban again in another week? What other actions did you take?

Thanks for your time


that was copy and pasted from the official forum. (my thread). just posting here to vent and to hear 'bout other ppl's stories about their ban, cus it's superfluous and ~inappropriate~ for me to add what im about to say to the official forum

at first i wasn't too upset about it. i haven't been playing much n had lost interest in maple for a while, only logging in to buy clothes. it wasnt until yesterday i started crying bout how much time id invested into the game, not necessarily the $, but the sentiment.

i had my account since 08, starting in bera on my mm Enfrance. she was my baby and id spent so much time forming relationships with ppl, participating in pqs (cwkpq heyyyy), training at harps/newts, and, my favorite, playing dress up. i made so many wonderful and close friends on her, friends who i still talk to today. in 2014 i moved to scania for my darling. i had a rough time making new friends there. i found majority of the people to be too arrogant, mean, n vapid... but that was probably due to the circle my bf was in. elitists, in other words, scania trash. overtime i found some great ppl to associate with, but no where near the amount friends id acquired in bera. s/o to my basil friends who almost never log on. it's definitely a different culture in scania, one that i was not willing to assimilate to - generic nx, drama/gossip, godly gear; ppl weren't relatable to me. but i was happy underneath my triple ring effect w/ xbipple/grind 2 slow. i enjoyed joining him on his boss runs, spending hours watching him miserably fail hard magnus. having him kill everything else in less than a couple secs. and for once, i was sorta interested in becoming stronger - something i never cared for. i had around 400k range, which, imo, is impressive for someone who didn't spend $ on gearing up. i also had a lot of clothes and hair/eyes. that's one thing im going to miss most.

i had an affinity for shopping and dressing up. maplestory was parallel to rl, and my caracters were a rendition of me irl, but in this case only virtual money was being spent. i had nothing to lose, only smiles 2 be gained whenever i acquired something new. materialistic scum, lol. then i lost everything cuz of this bs reason nexon has imposed on me. it was so random, too, done with no indication or provocation. like, the last time i was on maple, i was playing star planet to keep my rank as shining star. then i logged off. then banned. i went over the terms of use three times to figure out what my ban could possibly fall under - nothing. innocent until proven guilty, though this has no bearing under nexon's terms. and their unwillingness to cooperate with me is disheartening - probably policy, so i can't rly blame them... just like how u cant blame basil mods for mr b's rules.

this is rly frustrating. im so disgruntled that this happened to me, of all people. you know whats funny? all my mesos and nx are on my bf's account. he usually has a 30 day mushie, so having him sell my stuff was way easier, and i didnt mind him managing my money. im kinda careless when it comes to spending. so my account was empty. i only had perm nx in my inventory. so i really cannot fathom why i was banned.

tl;dr banned for allegedly hacking. contacted customer support. they werent helpful/cooperative. just venting.
wondering what others have done to get their accounts back.
how long was the process?
did you keep persisting even after they told you that you'll get the same response from any GM?

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SunnyD777 Level 200 Windia Battle Mage 4
Wow... how Nexon didn't tell you what offense you made, seemed like a d-move. Gaming support should at least try to please the customer's questions and such. But completely ignoring a customer like their exiled seems really douchy.
Apr 29 2015
OHKOJay Level 216 Bera Night Lord EvoLovE Guild
Generally curious, did you have any sort of 3rd party program open at the same time as running maple? This could be as simple as a software designed to speed up gaming in general.
Apr 29 2015
JVlapleMan Level 210 Bera Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art JVlapleMan is intoJVlapleMan
Well, I've also been mistakenly permanently banned on many of my other acc's for "hacking", but I just waited until they had a 'Second Chance' event.(idk when next on will be). But when I did, the support said, something like they accidentally banned me for no exact reason ... So hopefully they open up to you and unban you.
Apr 29 2015
AshleyAttacked Level 210 Scania Cannoneer 4 Reconcile Guild See what games, anime & art AshleyAttacked is intoalisaattacked
I don't have any advice or suggestions...just wanted to let you know I feel bad for you and hate that Nexon can just do crap like this. I've been hacked twice because of a database breach(2009 and 2011)...both times Nexon admitted fault to me...yet never gave me anything more than 25k nx credit. They really just aren't a very kind company.
Apr 29 2015
Traitor Level 200 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art Traitor is intoTraitor
Generally curious, did you have any sort of 3rd party program open at the same time as running maple? This could be as simple as a software designed to speed up gaming in general.[/quote]

Doubt it, you'd get a hackshield error before even logging on if that's the case.
Apr 29 2015
Elufu Level 240 Scania Mercedes 4 Reconcile Guild
I can only unfortunately say they don't have the best reputation and I certainly have not had the best experience "communicating" with their customer support either.

Even reporting glitches, gets you a response from a space not even on a tangent of the topic I was reporting.

Your best luck is the "second" chance they wave around once every one or two years.

(and this is why you haven't been on lately )
Apr 29 2015
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