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Petition: Phantom Blow for Dual Blades

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This petition is not guaranteed to change a thing, it is meant to have your voices heard. I am making it here because I was unable to search for it via the forums, so either there wasn't one successfully made and passed around, or they were closed. Either way, no one gets anywhere by giving up. Do not expect me to be your voice or your savior, I'm just putting this in an organized form. Various aspects within are subject to change as I see fit, only if the message remains the same. If you wish to sign the petition, please submit the following in a post;

"I agree. -[Insert IGN here] of [Insert server name here]"

Anything too decorative or fancy would not count as a signature. Any ranting or raving about this within this petition would not count as a signature. Phantom accounts that have no clear character tied to them here on Basil, would not count as a signature. Each signature counts, and all of your voices matter. If you wish to add a comment to your signature, please do so after your signature and label it;


Therefor, for your post to count it should (At least) read;

"I agree. -[IGN] of [Server]"

(At most);

"I agree. -[IGN] of [Server]

Your notes should not contain anything too personal. Nor should hey contain pure anger or sadness. Your notes should be a general summary of your feelings, no demands or expectations. Again, this petition is to have our voices heard and does not guarantee change in any fashion. Posting blatently in this thread just to chat dimished the credibility of this petition, and there will be those who disagree, or just wish to be annoying and post anyway without signing. Do not rant or argue with them, place your signature and let everything be.

Do not post here if you do not agree. Do not post "I disagree". To disagree with a petition all you need to do is not sign it.
EDIT: Because this is a petition and I did state that if you disagree that you shou;d not post, I am hereby stating that if a post is made saying that you disagree, you hereby agree. If you did not wish to promote this cause, you should not mention it or post here, it only bumps the thread to the first page.

Dear Nexon;

Since the "Chaos" patch, Dual Blades have been without Phantom Blow and have had to gather the book on their own. Of course the simple and easy fix is to go hunt for them yourself; however with DC hackers back on the rise and the massive amount of people who seem to 'camp out' at the Door of Zakum, it's not easy. Your other solution is to buy one from someone who's defeated Zakum; also not easy for the average person because their price is set too high for the majority of people to afford. Couple all of these things with the groups of Maplers who like to hoard various rare items, and the chances of getting a Phantom Blow skill book are very slim.
It appears that all Chains of Hell books were changed into Phantom Blow books, but all those who had the Chains of Hell skill were left without it, only to try and find its 'replacement' Phantom Blow. Yet all those who had Chains of Hell books, were given Phantom Blow books. This change doesn't seem fair to those who worked hard to gather Chains of Hell in the first place. A general consensus shows that when the Big Bang patch was released, warriors who had the skill Brandish and had it moved from their 4th job tier to their 3rd job tier, were given Intrepid Slash after the patch, and didn't have to go hunt for their book. The community is asking for the same treatment here; equality. As of now, it appears that possible days of waiting and hunting Zakum went to waste for those who had to gather their Chains of Hell book that way, and those who spent their hard earned mesos to get the book went wasted as well. This does not only hurt the faith of your amazing players, but smears a blank mark over their careers. As a community, we ask for a compromise.

From the Community of Maplestory.
Signed; Vantieau of Khaini.
Posted: June 2011 Permalink


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I don't agree. -TankVIP of Scania
Jun 30 2011
WingsOfHope Level 142 Bellocan Bishop
I agree - Wings0fH0pe of Bellocan

Not a Dual Blade, but you've given a fair reason as to why DB's should get Phantom Blow. Good luck to you and the rest of DB's
Jun 30 2011
I Disagree. -SnippsAran of Mardia
Jun 30 2011
I agree Zuchitake of Scania
Jun 30 2011
Stop the petition. It's soooooo stupid! One person created and it was a complete failure. People who just start a new petition is just a copying mofo
Jun 30 2011
I don't agree- SavageHell of Bellocan. screw op db's

/flameshield on
Jun 30 2011
I don't agree. DBs don't need more power. Good skill, hard to get. Thanks
Jun 30 2011
Lol getting into zak was so easy yesterday. blade fury was pretty ftw
Jun 30 2011
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