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Petition to get art removed from the front page

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And moved to a section below the auctions, like seriously nobody wants to see your art. This isn't Deviantart. =_=
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Doutei Level 239 Zenith Xenon 4
kinda disgusting hearing all this whining from the people** here** who mostly suck up to art screens or just blatantly spam -draw me pl0x- in most of their posts.

Two faced eggheads fresh in the morning.
Oct 11 2013
lmm616 Level 178 Bera Dark Knight
I usually ignore most of the screens that aren't in game screenshots, although it kind of is disappointing since I don't see more of the game on this site. Welp, whatever. I only use this for chat section anyways
Oct 11 2013
CureSword Level 222 Scania Shadower Justaway Guild
Some of them are really good and you can always ignore it.
Oct 12 2013
Petit Level 37 Windia Shade 2
No one said anything career-wise about the people who drew them? If you have such a huge problem with most of the things on this site, then leave. I doubt the owner would change them for you.

Oh, and I forgot to add:
It's not like the art on the front page is unrelated to MapleStory. They're still drawings of MS characters.
Oct 12 2013
Meatbuns Level 97 Windia Luminous 3
[url=]dont tell me what to do[/url]
Oct 12 2013
MyKarma Level 99 Broa Mercedes 3
May as well get rid of the threads while we're at it. Quit complaining, it's not like it's affecting you in any way. Just don't look at it, simple.
Oct 12 2013
BassChan Level 131 Bera Kaiser 4
Even though I do agree that they shouldn't let crappy art pass through.[/quote]

A long while back, there used to be a quality control. I'm pretty sure that has phased out by now, of course.

Towards the bulk of the thread, I think it summarizes what really needs to go: this bad attitude. Basil Market has such a terrible reputation for being filled with ridiculously rude and self-entitled people, and it definitely wasn't always like that. In a way, it reflects the community of the game, too. This may just be a fan site, but it's one of the largest ones for Maple Story. The attitude problem that the masses of the site tends to have drives away many users, both new and veteran. This is probably the biggest contribution to the decline in quality on the site-- those who stuck around only post joke drawings and casually "troll" threads because no one can be bothered to emotionally invest in the community anymore.
Oct 12 2013
diosoth Level 210 Bellocan Aran 4
Petition to get these overly negative people out of the screens section, they're cluttering the art they see with hurtful comments that aren't even helpful in getting the artists to improve.

No, this site does not have to be DeviantArt to allow constructive criticism from peers.[/quote]

I'll second this. The screens section is becoming rather full of jerks who find some reason to be unhappy with whatever is submitted and will whine about whatever nitpick they can. It's especially bad when a character is drawn with human proportions rather than chibi, because you have the "experts" who insist it's all wrong. It's really had for the anatomy to be wrong when the body design was referenced from a photographic pose of an actual human being.

I don't know if it's trolling, or if some people are so accustomed to anime art that they don't know what a real body looks like anymore.
Oct 20 2013
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