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Phantom Skill Stealing Guide

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I saw many guide and video that show wich stolen skill use phantom, so I decided to make my own build . In this build, you gonna see my opinion and why you should use these skill!

First Job :

Magic Guard: If your too poor to afford pots, use this. (Magic Guard is more usefull when bossing)
Haste: Use this if you don't care about pots. (Haste is more usefull when training)

Second Job:

Bless,Rage,Mental Clarity: All of them give a boost of 30Atk (Bossing & Training)
Thunder Bolt: If you can 1hit monster, this skill pwn ass ! (Training)

Third Job:

Holy Symbol: % BONUS EXP (Training)
Combo Atk: More % Atk (Better for bossing)

Fourth Job:

Sharp Eye: % Dmg and % Critical (Good for training)
Rapid Fire: Pro bossing skill (Good for bossing)

That what im gonna use.!
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phantom biuld

first job:
lucky seven
magic claw
magic guard

backspn blow

arrow rain

quad throw


Quad Throw would be a bad choice. Rapid Fire is strong and better
May 07 2012
JustGoof Level 206 Windia Night Lord
This is my choice for the skills to steal...

1st Job - HAste, Magic Guard, Magic Claw, AnythingElseHere
2nd Job- Hyper Body, Bless, Meso Guard, Mental Clarity
3rd Job- Holy Symbol, Combo Attack, Crash
4th Job- Sharp Eyes, Rapid Fire.
May 07 2012
KyuGuy Level 142 Windia Shadower
I don't see how people would choose meso guard over power guard O...O[/quote]

Doesn't Power Guard only block physical attacks?
Meso Guard blocks everything 8D
Anyway, I think I think ya'll should just try whatever skills you find the most fun and make your own build 8D
Customization is fun? xD
May 07 2012
I think you should learn what a guide actually is...

Anyway your steal skill build is rather on the poor side.

2nd job you should get Bless, Mental Clarity, and Meso Guard.
Meso Guard for starters is better then Magic Guard + will help you way more at bosses without losing out on MP pots.
Mental Clarity and Bless stack with eachother and you won't have to worry about others raging at you for canceling out their atk pots from Rage.


Even if Mental Clarity and Bless stack, it won't stack for your character. As soon as you move a skill out of the skill tab you will lose the initial buff and gain the new one (once rebuffed of course)
The stack will only work for other players in your party, you can stack buffs on them but you can not self stack your own char. Also Mental Clarity is a single target so you wouldn't even be able to stack it with other players.

However, I like the idea of Meso guard being used instead of Magic guard, despite Phantom's low hp, it wouldn't mean anything cause you can just repot or autopot. The only potential problem with using magic guard would be in rooms where there is Potion Delay present. VL doesn't really hit hard, so the only problem is fighting against Empress Cygnus.

1st job and 2nd job skills are fairly negligible, and there is a lot of room for moving around. It ultimately depends on the character
A character who caps damage on bosses will have no use for Mental Clarity, so a Hyper Body or Meso Guard exert will be more useful at this point.
May 07 2012
IToastPurple Level 122 Scania Mercedes 4
People like that other person said Phantoms DON'T need crash!
May 07 2012
johny2toes Level 160 Bera Wild Hunter 4
@RainxELD: You can move 2nd job skills into other slots (aka 3rd job slot) low 3rd job before you max steal skill you can just put Bless and Mental Clarity into the slots and use them at max level till you can use higher level Combo Attack.

Also who brought up VL? No where in my post was VL brought up.
Cygnus as well as Pink Bean and to come future bosses Meso Guard will be very useful.
May 07 2012
In first job, there's nothing worth stealing. Steal Magic Armor (not Guard), Dark Sight, or Haste.
In second job, steal Mental Clarity if you have Rage available or steal Rage to buff your party if Rage isn't available. You don't really need Power Guard because Phantom has a 90% avoid rate. Threaten is a bit useless since the only time you'll use it is on bosses and on bosses it has half the duration which means you have to re-Threaten and switch MC/Rage on. It's better to have HB for your party.
In third job, Combo Attack is a must. You do not need Magic Crash because Phantom has Soul Steal which does pretty much the same thing except better. You don't need Willow Defense because Phantom will have a 90% avoid rate by the time he has everything maxed. You only need Holy Symbol for solo training.

In fourth job you have specific skills for specific scenarios. For 1v1 training or bossing, Rapid Fire will output the highest damage... simple. For mobs, Chain Lightning, Fusillade, and Dragon Strike are the most superior to any other mob skill. Chain Lightning is used for its range and ability to hit monsters in wonky positions and for its passive critical which **does** apply to Phantom. Fusillade does the most damage out of any mob skill but it has a long animation and has a smaller range; Dragon Strike is a bit weaker than Fusillade but is extremely fast and has one of the largest hitboxes and ranges in the game for a mob skill. Pirate Style or SE will be your alternate.

Basically regurgitating what the fine people of Southperry has said.[/quote]

Basically agree with most of it, but a few bones: for each job's talent skill, you get a skill use slot which can be filled with any of the stolen skills from that job or below. Since your 1st/2nd/3rd job slots will be filled with buffs that you really don't want to recast, but your 4th job slot will have attacks, that means you can switch any 2nd/3rd job utility skills into the 4th job slot temporarily. You probably don't need power guard by the time you get to 200 if you're funded just because you'll almost never get hit, but it's probably useful before then. 30 attack is also nice, but I would probably keep PG available. Threaten and Magic Crash are definitely wanted for bossing. Soul Steal has a cooldown, so it and Magic Crash complement each other nicely. Once again, you can switch them into the 4th job slot temporarily so that using them doesn't cancel your buffs.

At some level of funding, Ultimate Drive is just going to be better than those other skills for mobbing while training or bossing. When this happens, another thing to consider using is pickpocket and ME for some pretty ridiculous damage.
May 08 2012
johny2toes Level 160 Bera Wild Hunter 4
@uoid: Or how about you do research before you make yourself look like an ass?
You can place a skill into a higher job ranked slot. (A 1st job skill in your 2nd job slot / 2nd job skill in your 3rd job slot / a 3rd job skill into your 4th job slot)
The only thing you can't do is move a skill into a lower one (a 4th job skill into the 3rd job slot isn't possible)
May 09 2012
alltwo147 Level 173 Windia Phantom 4
What about dark sight for 1st job? VERY useful move.
2nd job MUST include hyper body, it's just a necessity.
Also power guard+meso guard+ 80% avoidability=haha i don't die.[/quote]

Isn't Shrouded Phantom just as good as Dark Sight?
May 09 2012
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