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Phantom or Night Lord?

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Hi there,
In a dilemma, dont know which character to main, Night Lord or Phantom.

What I'm looking for
- Damage isn't too important to me
- Want to have fun
- Funding isnt too much of an issue, I already have a tyrants cape.. lol
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Evenings Level 200 Windia Aran 4 See what games, anime & art Evenings is intoEvenings
oh i dint know just having a tyrant cape counted as funding , um i would say Phantom, And its because NL and Phantoms are very similar but Phantoms are able to steal skills from every explorers so you can have NL skills and phantom skills and besides that tornado attack is very kawaiiiesss
May 18 2015
rogue Level 1 Reboot Night Lord
Well Nightlords are stronger, until you start capping probably.
May 18 2015
FreeIcecream Level 211 KradiaEMS Dawn Warrior 4
Since the only point you're really interested in is the fun factor I'd suggest you to train both to level 120ish and then make a decision.
May 18 2015
bardel7 Level 162 Broa Bow Master
IMO phantoms are funner, whenever i get bored of a skill i just swap it out for another, only probably is sometimes finding a class to steal skills from becomes a stalking game. I just write the name of some rare classes ign's and do the old party quest track.
May 19 2015
Forgot to mention i already have a phantom and night lord that is 150+. Both are fun but i need that extra motivation
May 19 2015
rogue Level 1 Reboot Night Lord
@Jepx Well honestly I've played Night Lord a lot, and played Phantom til 123. Phantom is a really diverse class compared to Night Lord. If you like jumping up and down spamming the same 2 skills then choose Night Lords. If you prefer having a wide arsenal of skills, then choice Phantom.
May 19 2015
SlashNStab Level 224 Scania Dark Knight
Just play them both if you like them both.. Since damage isn't important to you Hurdurrrrrr, having a Tyrant cape does not make you funded.
Is Maple really that complicated for people to pick a class?

OT: I like Night Lords more. They're more "FUN" to me.
May 19 2015
PichuCrunch Level 155 Bera Shadower
If funding isn't an issue then Phantom would be better. The amount of "fun" is personal and we cannot guess which you would prefer.
May 26 2015
GlobalKorean Level 183 Broa Blade Master See what games, anime & art GlobalKorean is intoGlobalKorean
If funding isn't an issue then Phantom would be better. The amount of "fun" is personal and we cannot guess which you would prefer.[/quote]

+ you can always steal every skill a Night lord has
May 26 2015

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