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Phantom vs Drk

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bardel7 Level 162 Broa Bow Master
Hello everyone,

I don't know if this is the correct place to post this, i'm sorry if it isn't.

My question is somewhat simple, i have both a Phantom and Drk at lvl 160, I equally enjoy playing both, my question is I have 5b to fund on or the other, which one would give me the best bang for my buck? I want to get both to lvl 200 just don't know which order to do it in (I want to focus on only 1 for now). Also if possible can someone tell me the difference in damage between the two with 5b funding.

I would like to ask, are shadowers good with 5b funding? My friend suggested I should train my shadower, and slowly gear him up, and when I'm strong enough (maybe one day hopefully ) I could just scissor my equips to my phantom. What are you guys thoughts on that?

Thank You.
Posted: August 2015 Permalink

Phantom vs Drk

28%4 / 14Phantom
64%9 / 14Dark Knight
7%1 / 14Something else


snapmemaybe Level 186 Bera Kaiser 4
Bang for your buck would definitely be dark knight. 5b wont hardly do anything for a phantom.
Aug 16 2015
wowchowmein Level 226 Renegades Phantom 4 DarkRelic Guild
5b doesn't do anything for phantom. DrK would probably get you further. thief equips are expensive. You need more funds then 5b tbh
Aug 16 2015
mdisback Level 210 Bera Evan 10th Growth
phantom drk sucks kanye west
Aug 16 2015
fooruki Level 210 Khaini Dark Knight
drk ftw
Aug 16 2015
crysteel Level 228 Nova Phantom 4 Revenance Guild
As a phantom I can straight up tell you 5b will get you nowhere... The sheer amount of luk you need to get decent damage is insane compared to other thief classes. I'd say go with drk you'll get much more out of it. The beneficial things about phantom are its versatility and the amount of drop rate you can start out with having final judgement draw giving you 20%, 20% from the correct judgement draw and using showdown from night lords.
Aug 16 2015
bardel7 Level 162 Broa Bow Master
Thank you everyone for your inputs, i've decided to with Drk
Aug 18 2015

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