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Phatnom Video

By luxsolis

luxsolis Level 222 KradiaEMS Phantom 4
Dec 28 2015 "A short video depicting my growth, achievements and memories from the moment I started recording on Phatnom. It was impossible to fit everything in, there were a lot of things I wanted to show but couldn't, but it was a real joy making this, and tiring.

I'm excited for Reboot patch."

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markred626 Level 233 Broa Demon Avenger 4
Amazing, i saw this first at youtube and was like omg you have inprove so much, go for dorothy kill! and eventually 250 ^^ congrats again for all the hard work
pd:i would rather had supreme world than reboot for that op medal :'(
Dec 28 2015
chris Level 153 Galicia Mechanic 4
when is the new class phatnom coming out
Dec 28 2015

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