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Piggy mount Screen

By PhanniLynn

PhanniLynn Level 148 Renegades Phantom 4
Jul 16 2013 If you're really old to maple you should have seen this mount before. Sadly, there are a lot more other mounts that can easily replace this now so it's not very often that you see people using them (at all). Not sure if I will continue to make any more in the future but we'll see.

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SodiumOH Level 125 Windia Mercedes 4
+6 Looks neat! I would like to see a Gaga and Cassandra one next time.

EDIT: I meant clay figurine, not mount
Jul 17 2013
BlueLight Level 220 Windia Mercedes 4
snout's a bit too big but STILL ADOREABLE!
Jul 17 2013
Rayquaza Level 135 Mardia Buccaneer
Looks good, but the nose is a little too big
Jul 17 2013
johnhugh Level 205 Bera Bow Master
I still ride this when I'm bored
Back in my day we rode on pigs that came from old folk's town

It took me 3 tries to get this right when I turned lvl 70
Jul 17 2013
I still have it on my nl
Jul 17 2013

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