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Piggyback ride Screen

By Kimimaru101

Kimimaru101 Level 205 Windia Dark Knight
Jan 18 2012 @MiseryTheory drew this. She is my girlfriend and wanted me to post it up to edit the dimensions for her Hope you enjoy her artwork since I know I do ^^

The picture is of my Dark Knight and her Bow Master Ask nicely and she might even draw a picture for you and even for you couples out there ;D

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Wow, that's cute~
I know my characters might not be interesting, but would you mine to draw any of my characters?
I'll be really happy if you drew me, but that's if you have time, thanks (:
Jan 19 2012
Shir Level 135 Windia Dawn Warrior 4
It's so adorable!
Jan 19 2012
Sweax Level 121 KradiaEMS Blaze Wizard 4
One word:
Feb 26 2012

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