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Pink Bean and Empress Question

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Hey Basil, I was looking through some threads but could someone explain if Empress and Pink Bean have a 70% resist to P-Resist (Physical Resistance).

This was said by somebody, i'm not going to put names, since I do not have his permission, but

You are wrong. Every non elemental attack is given the P-element (excluding the basic attack). All bossing moves are of the P-element (huricane, rapid fire, illusion, Istar's ring, Siege). While normally this doesn't affect the gameplay, Pink Bean and Empress have a 70% resistance to P-element. So your damage is reduced 70%, which is a ton. With elemental reset, the P-element is removed, boosting your damage 70% because they wont resit you anymore. Sure, it has nothing to do with PDR, but it really helps at the end game bosses (i think Ark has high P-resist too, not sure though).

Also, this was confirmed by Fiel and JoeTang of Southperry.

The original thread was here and stars on page 3:
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