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Pink Zakum Arms - Lucky Hat? Screen

By megascience

megascience Level 210 Windia Shadower See what games, anime & art megascience is intoMegaScience
May 21 2015 The first time Pink Zakum reopens for this event, and the box I got from it gave me Pink Zakum Arms: Permanent Cape Cover Coupon. Must be because of my hat.

For those inquiring-on/wanting this hat: It was available in the Cash Shop for 1 day several weeks ago, but removed due to an issue preventing direct-purchasing (Had to be bought through "Buy Equipped Items". However, v162 apparently fixed the item, so expect it to re-appear eventually.

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oKopiko Level 152 Windia I/L Arch Mage See what games, anime & art oKopiko is intooKopiko
May 21 2015
SlashNStab Level 224 Scania Dark Knight
I see you at Star Planet most of the time, I can't be bothered to be a Shining Star anymore used to do it like every week now I've like given up.
May 21 2015
uw0tm9 Level 200 Bera Luminous 4
+8 this isn't even his final form
May 21 2015
SlayerSakura Level 236 Scania Angelic Buster 4
LOL I also always see this guy in Star Planet
May 22 2015
MegaScience Level 210 Windia Shadower See what games, anime & art MegaScience is intoMegaScience
+1 @lostreality: I believe it was only normal Zakum Arms. Pink Zakum Arms were added in v162, unless they just updated the item.

Probably going to Star Planet after posting this, if not after daily coins. I keep my Star Planet pets to count how many weeks in a row I've been a Shining Star, and as I don't have the game open at the moment... I know it's somewhere around 16. I just aim for 1500 points daily. However, since it takes an hour or two per day to each that goal, I might consider slowing down. I've been storing past 30k Reward Points at times, so I might be overdoing it. Although I'll be needed the points in coming months, since I'm storing Primes for that Lotusroid's Lidium Heart... (Using an original, shop Orchiroid.)

Thanks to everyone complementing my outfit. I hope as time goes on, I will evolve even more fantastically.
May 22 2015
sammmkim Level 207 Windia Phantom 4

May 24 2015

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