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Pink musical note chair Screen

By Asiaox123

Oct 03 2010 This is my friend's character in Mardia. He got this pink version of the Musical Note Chair from Maple Anniversary. The other musical note chairs aren't pink (so he claims). Is this chair worth a lot (if it could be sold)?
Proof of not private server (check the two imageshack links)

Expedition tab open
Verify that the smega name in the chat log is on rankings
OSSS medals

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sufian Level 202 Windia Kaiser 4 Waltz Guild
The Musical Note Chair is pink.
I think the chair that your friend is referring to is The Lotus Leaf Chair
Oct 03 2010
PyroManiac Level 120 Khaini Night Walker 3
At least sit on the chair so we can see how it looks like .
Oct 03 2010
siuttybears Level 121 Windia Aran 4
9 mill? umm i think all chairs are like that arent they?
Jul 22 2011

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