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Complete Buccaneer Guide

The guide to everything, from builds to nifty tricks, to opinions to training spots, this guide should have ideally have it all! I view guides as a community effort, and as such attempt to compile whatever information I may from various sources; in short, I am a caretaker, not an owner, and as such this guide may shift from time to time.
Pirate, Brawler, Marauder and Buccaneer builds, since this guide is about them.
Hyper skills, as they are vital to amplifying our abilities.
Training suggestions which differentiate from those in game.
FAQ's, general tips and other advice, since these tend to be useful.
And finally, the "Thanks!" section, because I do give credit when credit is due. Also includes an Author's note, since I did start working on this guide a while ago.

So you've chosen to be a Buccaneer, either through shifting your job from another Explorer Pirate, or perhaps you've been a Brawler since level thirty. Regardless, this guide should have your build ship shape by the end of it, and between you and me, that's a good thing!

We'll begin by examining the regular Pirate build. Things are so basic I'm not giving it a clever name or more than one build option, since no matter what you do you should be flying by these levels. So long as you end up with these skills, you should be fine, but maxing them in this order would probably yield the fastest training speed.

Pirate build: Yarr

Level 10 +1 Somersault Kick, +3 Octopush
Level 11 +2 Octopush[Max], +1 Dash
Level 12 +3 Dash
Level 13 +1 Dash[Max], +2 Bullet Time
Level 14 +3 Bullet Time
Level 15 +3 Bullet Time
Level 16 +2 Bullet Time[Max]
Level 17 +3 Shadow Heart
Level 18 +3 Shadow Heart
Level 19 +3 Shadow Heart
Level 20 +1 Shadow Heart [Max], +2 Somersault Kick
Level 21 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 22 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 23 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 24 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 25 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 26 +2 Sommersault Kick[Max], +1 Double Shot
Level 27 +3 Double Shot
Level 28 +3 Double Shot
Level 29 +3 Double Shot
Level 30 +3 Double Shot

End results;
Max Bullet Time
Max Octopush
Max Dash
Max Somersault Kick
Max Shadow Heart
15 Double Shot

This build focuses on mobility rather than damage, and let's be honest; faster movement at this level means faster training. Octopush is a Flash Jump clone that most classes have for excellent mobility, while Bullet Time and Dash both allow you to move faster while Dash will also provide a 100% Stance effect while it is active. Shadow Heart will both increase the frequency and damage of your critical hits, which while not spectacular, is needed later on. We follow up with SSK for more damage on that. Finally, we dump points into Double Shot since unfortunately, we cannot save them for 2nd job. C'est la vie.

The basic Brawler builds:

Probably one of the worst second jobs now, in my opinion, but nothing you can't slog through.

Level 30 +1 Tornado Uppercut, +1 Corkscrew Blow, +2 Dark Clarity, +1 Energy Charge[Auto-added]
Level 31 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 32 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 33 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 34 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 35 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 36 +3 Dark Clarity[Max]
Level 37 +3 Knuckle Mastery
Level 38 +2 Knuckle Mastery, +1 Knuckle Booster
Level 39 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 40 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 41 +3 Knuckle Booster[Max]
Level 42 +3 Knuckle Mastery
Level 43 +2 Knuckle Mastery, +1 Physical Training
Level 44 +3 Physical Training
Level 45 +1 Physical Training[Max], +2 Perseverance
Level 46 +3 Perseverance
Level 47 +3 Perseverance
Level 48 +2 Perseverance[Max], +1 HP Boost
Level 49 +3 HP Boost
Level 50 +3 HP Boost
Level 51 +3 HP Boost[Max]
Level 52 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 53 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 54 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 55 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 56 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 57 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 58 +1 Corkscrew Blow[Max], +2 Tornado Uppercut
Level 59 +3 Tornado Uppercut
Level 60 +3 Tornado Uppercut

There isn't much to say about this build; it's fairly straight-forward and somewhat standard for most classes nowadays. Start with 1 in both of your useful attacking skills will give you a little bit of experimentation while both being decent level 1 skills. Dark Clarity is gotten next to improve your damage significantly, followed by Knuckle Mastery and Knuckle Booster to stabilize your damage and speed up your attacks respectfully. Physical Training and Perseverance are conveniences, being a small STR boost and a good recovery skill; we max Health Boost afterwards so that we make full use of the percent based recovery we have, and tank up for later bosses. Finally, we max Corkscrew Blow since it links with Spiral Assault as a Marauder, then dump points into Tornado Uppercut, since it lacks utility, although both will eventually be mediocre skills.
End result:
Max Knuckle Mastery
Max Dark Clarity
Max Physical Training
Max Corkscrew Blow
Max Perseverance
Max HP Boost
Max Knuckle Booster
9 Tornado Uppercut

Marauder-hood builds

Level 60 +1 Spiral Assault, +1 Super Charge, +1 Static Thumper, +1 Energy Burst
Level 61 +3 Super Charge
Level 62 +3 Super Charge
Level 63 +3 Super Charge
Level 64 +3 Super Charge
Level 65 +3 Super Charge
Level 66 +1 Super Charge[Max], +2 Precision Strikes
Level 67 +3 Precision Strikes
Level 68 +3 Precision Strikes
Level 69 +2 Precision Strikes[Max], +1 Spiral Assault
Level 70 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 71 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 72 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 73 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 74 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 75 +3 Spiral Assault[Max]
Level 76 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 77 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 78 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 79 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 80 +2 Roll of the Dice
Level 81 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 82 +2 Roll of the Dice[Max], +1 Admiral's Wings
Level 83 +3 Admiral's Wings
Level 84 +3 Admiral's Wings
Level 85 +3 Admiral's Wings[Max]
Level 86 +3 Stun Mastery
Level 87 +3 Stun Mastery
Level 88 +3 Stun Mastery
Level 89 +1 Stun Mastery[Max]
Level 90 +3 Energy Burst
Level 91 +3 Energy Burst
Level 92 +3 Energy Burst
Level 93 +3 Energy Burst
Level 94 +3 Energy Burst
Level 95 +3 Energy Burst
Level 96 +1 Energy Burst[Max]
Level 97 +3 Static Thumper
Level 98 +3 Static Thumper
Level 99 +3 Static Thumper
Level 100 +3 Static Thumper

We get the traditional useful attacking moves first, Energy Burst and Spiral Assault, while we put a point into Super Charge for its passive effects on our Charge, while we also get one Static Thumper for fun, mostly, but it's an acceptable static mobbing skill for one point. Begin by maxing Super Charge for the damage boost, move on to Precision Strikes for the increased critical damage and effects, and then max Spiral Assault; we have a lack of consistent damage boosters and stabilizers in this job, and Spiral Assault is your most useful attack, so it is maxed earlier on. Roll of the Dice can provide a nice experience boost, a bit of damage, and unfortunately has the potential to be useless, but it's better than nothing; Admiral's Wings is held off until now since enemies generally don't hit much early on. Stun Mastery is picked up for its passive effects, even if they are a tad lack-luster, and Energy Burst is gotten afterwards so we can benefit from the effects fully. Static Thumper then has points dumped into it as it is our least useful attack.

You can vary a few things here. You can put off Stun Mastery for as long as you want, assuming you max it at some point, and Admiral's Wings can be pushed above Roll of the Dice if you find yourself taking a lot of damage and prefer consistency over luck. You may also swap around the order you put points into attacking skills, as long as Static Thumper is not maxed, as some may find that the maps they train in do not need much rushing, which makes Energy Burst much more valuable; in this case, it also warrants an earlier Stun Mastery pickup, in order to maximize your amount of critical hits, and total damage.

End result:
Max Super Charge
Max Spiral Assault
Max Energy Blast
Max Precision Strikes
Max Stun Mastery
Max Roll of the Dice
Max Admiral's Wings
14 Static Thumper


My fists, they are made of STEEL!

First of all, congrats for making it this far. You worked for it. Instead of handing you a build, I'll give you what each skill brings to the table and different "groups" of skills you should max. "Groups" being how soon this skill should be maxed. Because of funding determining how many books you can purchase and what you enjoy doing(Training or bossing), builds can differ slightly. Please note that no build is concrete and if you feel you must differ, due to funds or personal preferences, you can. Just remember that you will most likely be ending up somewhat weaker than a Buccaneer following an 'ideal' build.

You have two 'groups' of skills; those that are very useful and should be maxed first, and the others you may get a point in early on but do not need maxed ASAP. Buccaneer Blast, Double Down, Pirate's Revenge, Crossbones, Ultra Charge and Typhoon Crush are skills that every Buccaneer will want maxed rather soon. Time Leap and Speed Infusion are good one pointers, but otherwise they'll only really be maxed later on. Maple Warrior is iffy as it can be a good skill, but if someone in your party has it at a higher or equal level then it's like you don't have it at all. It is, however, a good skill to have after you max your main skills for soloing purposes. Finally, the two skills you'll be getting one point in Nautilus Strike for farming and a bit of map control vertically, while Dragon Strike is ignored due to it being vastly outclassed by Buccaneer Blast.

It is noteworthy that Hero's Will should have 1 point added when you start to do bosses that Seduce on a regular basis. Depending on your funding, this could be fairly early on(140's) or much later(160's). It depends on your own personal funds, connections and intentions. I put points into it in the late 150's, after maxing every damage skill in the build, however it can easily be shifted earlier as needed without much inconvenience.

We'll begin at the early levels and how EVERY Buccaneer should start their character, no matter what path you intend to take with it;

Level 100 +1 Octopunch, +1 Ultra Charge, +1 Speed Infusion, +1 Buccaneer Blast
Level 101 +1 Time Leap, +1 Double Down, +1 Crossbones
Level 102 +1 Nautilus Strike, +2 Double Down
Level 103 +2 Double Down(MAX), +1 Ultra Charge

You'll be getting your main 1v1, mobber, party skills(SI and TL), advanced Mastery skill and your passive Charge enhancer early on. They are all good at level 1, and Double Down is maxed first since having a chance at rolling two dices will increase your odds of getting good buffs while making double rolls(Two sixes, for example) more effective. For only 5 skill points, it's a buff that will really speed up your training, more-so than other skills.

Afterwards, Ultra Charge should be maxed, followed quickly by Crossbones. Ultra Charge gives another attack boost, as well as nice Stance chances, while Crossbones will increase your overall mastery, meaning more stable damage, while also providing a damage buff meaning more damage. The passive status resist and elemental resist are also useful for bossing as well. It's better than starting by maxing either attacking skill since it provides a buff to both, meaning you're more flexible than if you begin by maxing either Octopunch or Buccaneer Blast.

Pirate's Revenge should follow since, like Crossbones, it is a damage buff to every skill you possess rather than a select few. Flexible is the key word here for the first two direct damage raising skills you get.

At this point you can either branch off into two different skill-sets depending on what you plan to do. Most will start maxing Buccaneer Blast, since it will greatly increase your training speed. However someone who intends to boss early would get Octopunch, although they will train a lot slower, they will excel at bossing much earlier. For those who boss hardcore, it might be something worth considering, although you would need to almost exclusively do 1v1 bossing for it to help more than Buccaneer Blast; if you're a more casual player who does daily bosses, rather than extensive grinding, Octopunch may be more useful. For the vast majority of people, who don't boss 100% of the time, Buccaneer Blast first will be a much better choice. Either way, maxing Typhoon Crash after whichever skill you choose will be a great damage booster in many cases. 40% chance to ignore 100% of a mob's defense is GREAT, especially since it includes boss mobs!

Now you'll go ahead and grab Octopunch in order to improve your 1v1 damage, which will make you much better at 1v1; if you took the bossing heavy build, max Buccaneer Blast to increase your training speed and prepare for Stronghold in twenty levels or so. Combined with Typhoon Crush, which will ignore the PDR rate of bosses, some decent party skills(SI and TL) and a solid 1v1 you should be a contribution to most boss runs.

After you get 5 Time Leap, and follow that with maxing Maple Warrior; Time Leap for a bit more of a convenient cooldown, while Maple Warrior gives you a nice damage increasing party skill that is a great solo skill as well, and after those two, it's pretty much free game. You can do whatever you really want at that point since you'll have all your core skills maxed. Personally, I would recommend maxing Speed Infusion for the convenience, followed by Nautilus Strike and, last and certainly least, Dragon Strike.

So why is Dragon Strike nearly useless, you ask? There's a few simple answers. First of all, compared to Buccaneer Blast, the damage just pales in comparison. Buccaneer Blast has four hits, Hyper Skills that can boost it and boasts increased chances of activating Typhoon Crush or critical hits due to more instances of damage. That's not enough for you? Dragon Strike isn't as flexible; it doesn't have as much horizontal range, particularly when charged and Buccaneer Blast can be cast in mid-air to affect platforms, or just to travel faster without ground casting it as you jump.
In short, after level 104;

Level 104 +3 Ultra Charge
Level 105 +3 Ultra Charge
Level 106 +2 Ultra Charge[Max], +1 Crossbones
Level 107 +3 Crossbones
Level 108 +3 Crossbones
Level 109 +3 Crossbones
Level 110 +3 Crossbones
Level 111 +3 Crossbones
Level 112 +3 Crossbones
Level 113 +3 Crossbones
Level 114 +3 Crossbones
Level 115 +3 Crossbones
Level 116 +1 Crossbones[Max], +2 Pirate's Revenge
Level 117 +3 Pirate's Revenge
Level 118 +3 Pirate's Revenge
Level 119 +2 Pirate's Revenge[Max], +1 Buccaneer Blast
Level 120 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 121 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 122 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 123 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 124 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 125 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 126 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 127 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 128 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 129 +1 Buccaneer Blast[Max], +2 Typhoon Crush
Level 130 +3 Typhoon Crush
Level 131 +3 Typhoon Crush
Level 132 +3 Typhoon Crush
Level 133 +3 Typhoon Crush
Level 134 +3 Typhoon Crush
Level 135 +3 Typhoon Crush[Max]
Level 136 +3 Octopunch
Level 137 +3 Octopunch
Level 138 +3 Octopunch
Level 139 +3 Octopunch
Level 140 +3 Octopunch
Level 141 +3 Octopunch
Level 142 +3 Octopunch
Level 143 +3 Octopunch
Level 144 +3 Octopunch
Level 145 +2 Octopunch[MAX], +1 Time Leap
Level 146 +3 Time Leap
Level 147 +1 Time Leap[MAX], +2 Maple Warrior
Level 148 +3 Maple Warrior
Level 149 +3 Maple Warrior
Level 150 +3 Maple Warrior
Level 151 +3 Maple Warrior
Level 152 +3 Maple Warrior
Level 153 +3 Maple Warrior
Level 154 +3 Maple Warrior
Level 155 +3 Maple Warrior
Level 156 +3 Maple Warrior
Level 157 +1 Maple Warrior[MAX], +2 Hero's Will
Level 158 +3 Hero's Will[MAX]
Level 159 +3 Speed Infusion
Level 160 +3 Speed Infusion
Level 161 +3 Speed Infusion
Level 162 +3 Speed Infusion
Level 163 +3 Speed Infusion
Level 164 +2 Speed Infusion[MAX], +1 Nautilus Strike
Level 165 +3 Nautilus Strike
Level 166 +3 Nautilus Strike
Level 167 +3 Nautilus Strike
Level 168 +3 Nautilus Strike
Level 169 +3 Nautilus Strike
Level 170 +3 Nautilus Strike
Level 171 +3 Nautilus Strike
Level 172 +3 Nautilus Strike
Level 173 +3 Nautilus Strike
Level 174 +1 Nautilus Strike[MAX], +2 Dragon Strike
Level 175 +3 Dragon Strike
Level 176 +3 Dragon Strike
Level 177 +3 Dragon Strike
Level 178 +3 Dragon Strike
Level 179 +3 Dragon Strike
Level 180 +3 Dragon Strike
Level 181 +3 Dragon Strike
Level 182 +3 Dragon Strike
Level 183 +3 Dragon Strike
Level 184 +1 Dragon Strike[MAX], +2 Free Points
End results;

Everything maxed, plenty of SP to spare.

Hyper Skills:

Hyper skills are flexible, and there are some situations where you may want to swap your Hyper skills around; there are three types, Stat, Passive and Active. Pretty self explanatory, Stats will boost your Stats, Passives are add-ons or bonuses to your other skills and Actives are new moves or buffs for you to use.

You receive Hyper skill points individually, and you may reset them for a fee at any point; this means you can be flexible while training or bossing in order to maximize your efficiency. As a result, there is not 'go to' build, granted there are some skills which benefit you all the time, but some may not be the best choice; Octopunch buffs are amazing while bossing, but not while training, and in some cases Buccaneer Blast is inferior to have points invested in. Through leveling, you receive a total of 6 Stat SP(At 140, 150, 160, 170, 190 and 200), 5 Passive SP(At 140, 160, 180, 190 and 200) and 3 Active SP(At 150, 170 and 200).

The following are merely suggestions, and no concrete build can be offered due to the flexibility of Hyper skills.

Universally, Hyper Strength, Hyper Health and Hyper Critical(Assuming you do not hit the cap without it) are fantastic choices. Hyper Dexterity adds a small bit of damage, while Hyper Defense and Hyper Magic Defense are acceptable; Hyper Mana is useless due to our small usage and regeneration of Mana, Hyper Accuracy shouldn't be required, Hyper Speed and Hyper Jump are poor choices due to the ease of obtaining Speed/Jump, while the rest of the Hyper skills don't apply to Buccaneers.

As for Passives, you have two which are always fantastic choices. Double Down - Enhance and Double Down - Saving Grace, the former providing a bit more consistent in good rolls, while the latter provides consistency in Double Down activations. You then have to chose either Octopunch or Buccaneer Blast for the remaining three skills, depending on if you want single target or mobbing respectively.

Finally, Actives are rather simple, as you get the SP at the level you unlock them. Stimulating Conversion is a nice damage increase, and it provides a nice passive boost versus bosses. The full Energy from using it is nice, but it would be more consistent to use it for the damage boost in a bossing situation; it really shines with the next Hyper, however. Power Unity drains your Energy in order to use a rather strong attack, which provides a buff that stacks up to three times, with each stack giving 10% bonus minimum and maximum critical damage. However, Power Unity may only be used while your charge is 'active', and is draining, but this limitation is well worth the buff, and you should have little difficulty in keeping the buff stacked.


"Iframes? But I've never heard of those!" Well Iframes is short for Invincibility/Invulnerability Frames. It's points during certain moves where you can't be hit. You'll notice when you Sommersault Kick onto a mob, you may not instantly take damage. Or when you Spiral Assault through a mob, you'll remain invulnerable as you travel. Those are Iframes. Sommersault Kick and Spiral Assault all have Iframes that you can exploit to save potions, avoid 1/1's as well as status effects induced by damage or simply to save time from being KB'ed(Nice during those attacks that launch you WAY back to the other side of the screen), among other things.

In short, Iframes are points during certain moves where you cannot be hit and Iframes are awesome when you know how to use them properly(Or even when you don't, but aren't as effective when you don't know how to use them).

Using Sommersault Kick as a 'reflexive' dodge to incoming spells that significantly disrupt your game(1/1's, spells that inflict status effects upon damage, heavy knockback spells, etc) is rather easy, and the benefits can vary a fair bit depending on the boss. You can also use it to dodge attacks while Damage Reflect or Physical Immunity is active on bosses.

Likewise, Spiral Assault has some Iframes during the charging portion of it, however these are much shorter, and the movement may be something inconvenient in some cases; in others, it can allow you to move to a better position while remaining unharmed, or moving to another side of a boss without taking damage.

Unfortunately, so as to prevent any class with Iframes from being, well, completely invulnerable, some spells DO go through them, either the statuses associated or the complete attack, which means you'll need to learn which spells are exceptions in order to properly utilize Iframes.

##Training guide:

These are just some common training spots you can try; they are by no means the ONLY spots. These spots shift consistently as Nexon patches things, so if in doubt and not pressed for time, following the in-game training guide can help you.

Maple island is simple, teaches you the basics, etc. Should be relatively quick and simple.

10-25 Flaming Mixed Golems
Not bad experience. If you're overwhelmed at earlier levels you can do some of your job quests, but they're generally easy for most.

25-44 Gold Beach
Violet Clams, the first right map, isn't horrible. Advance as you feel the need to; if you feel like you're not leveling quick enough due to accuracy issues, a few more levels at the previous spot may help remedy that. Change maps to higher level mobs as you feel the need to.

44-60 Skeledogs
The spawn rates here are excellent, and even if you lack vertical mobility there are hidden portals to return to the top of the map. Leveling should be easy and Tornado Upper can cascade down some of the platforms. At level 46, do Tot's most recent quests (start at the VERY bottom) and every time you can, do the "To Next Level" button. 46-50 should take 3 minutes if you click fast enough.

60-70Copper Drakes
Drakes are good for this level, the first map to the right of Sleepywood is great, although it does have several platforms and no luck with portals. Those who are funded can also try White Fangs, which have the same vertical portals as at Skeledogs.

70-100(Decent until 120) Romeo and Juliet PQ
Grind the stage with Neo-Huroids, finishing the actual PQ is less experience than grinding; you need four members, and there's a bonus if you have a Phantom with Holy Symbol, a Priest or a Kanna for Kishin. The experience is great for a long while, but farther into 4th job the map becomes difficult to share due to the increased mobbing powers people have.

Alternatively, White Fangs become more viable for those that aren't funded, and several Magatia maps, such as Sand Rats, Roids and Neo-Huroids aren't bad if Romeo and Juliet has nobody available to party with.

105-160 Evolving World
Use a 30% spawn core, 5x HP core, and +7 Level core. Link 3 is excellent as it will pull enemies into its center every so often, allowing for easy mobbing. Unfortunately limited to 5 runs per day.

140-160: Dimensional Invasion
Although limited to ten runs per day, it's probably one of the better ways to level at this point; just grind it out the same way you do a Romeo and Juliet PQ.

140-160 Slimy and Selkie Jr.
Mysterious Path 3 is great at this level if you don't have any runs available for Evolution World or Dimensional Invasion PQ. The platforms are flat and easy to mob on, while the spawn is absolutely fantastic, which helps us take advantage of our longer range.

160-250 Future Henesys
Welcome to the best training spots in the game; Drill Hall, and later on Future Perion at 190. You're going to be heading to the Cygnus Stronghold, which requires level 165 to enter, but you can have a Bishop use Mystic Door to get you in at 160. Find a party and grind the enemies; you'll probably end up leeching from someone who one shots them, but the experience is great here. Once you're funded, you can be more active and train here solo, but ideally have at least a Bishop and/or a Kanna for the best experience. Future Perion is possible at 190+, but mobs deal even more damage and finding a party may be difficult, so many stay at the Drill Hall maps.

FAQ's(When I get them), Tips, General Advice, ect.

Get a good group of friends to boss with, preferably a good guild as well. SI is wanted in certain parties, TL can assist with accidental deaths if a Bishop/Paladin is present and our DPS is alright in 1v1. Even if you're only running minor bosses solo, the chance for rare drops is there, and you can use the potions to train, or NPC them for profit.

Don't worry if you're not doing decent damage. A lot of people don't dish out a lot of damage, especially if it's your first character. Just find a way to get some income while having fun and eventually you'll deal more damage. The game's about fun, and while being strong is fun to most, remember that you should have fun while playing, not just while dealing high numbers.

Take advantage of events! Events can be EXCELLENT ways to get a few extra stats, various more effective scrolls or to get some equipment that will last. Many pieces of event equipment can be for odd, difficult to fill slots, or can be farmed for various bonuses as you do regular tasks; there's generally no reason not to take advantage of them.

And finally, MapleStory is about FUN! If you're not having FUN, perhaps you should try to have some instead of stressing out over how weak you are or how you need a better Knuckle, ect. FUN should ALWAYS come first(So long as it doesn't break the rules, obviously). Too many people complain about having a low damage range, or not being able to solo high-end bosses; be happy with what you CAN solo, progress to the stronger stuff and stop comparing yourself to everyone. What matters is finding fun in what you can do, not in doing it better than others.

Now with the end of the tips, I'd just like to go into something a little more on the subject of why I made this guide. At time of writing, there are a few Bucc guides floating around, mostly on builds, AP and perhaps a little on training spots. The sticky on Basil was clearly outdated, so I decided to blend a lot of commonly asked questions into a guide, both to cut down on the amount of meaningless threads posted and to help the community, while promoting them to chip in to improve the guide.
I mean, it really is annoying seeing three "Training spot?" threads for the SAME level on the front page, and then someone actually posting an answer(Which encourages laziness, "Why look if someone will tell me when I make a thread even if the question has been asked before?"), it really just got to a point where I'd post on the thread and tell them to look instead of asking. Especially for simple questions, like builds or training spots.

Last but not least, the "Thank You!" section. If you're here, you've obviously helped with this guide in some way, shape or form. Or perhaps I've got a link to another guide in this guide. Either way, you're awesome and I thank you.

Capslocker7(InkYoshi): Reviewed this guide before posting and helped a ton on the equipment section, also a good friend of mine. I'd never have had the confidence, willpower nor the courage to post this guide without him, and even if I did it would be incomplete, in my eyes, without his help.

Pikachuxbboy: Added a small usage to Snatch which really doesn't change how effective the move is, but does "kind of" justify getting it to level 1 if a certain situation seems to arise consistently enough to you. Also helped a TON on the post-Revamp builds, he's been a really big help in that aspect. He deserves a lot of thanks and credit

Infferrno: Gave me a more in detail bossing Bucc build that goes into much better depth than I did. Many thanks! Also helped me with my horrible skills at using Headers, Bolding and Italics(Even if I hate Italics). Many more thanks to him!

Seatillite: Gave me permission to use her training guide. Considering how Nexon enjoys swapping levels and map setups every so often, this is very much appreciated.

Tersera: Suggested a minor combo that I would NEVER have thought of in my years of Mapling even if I was level 200. Also suggested the explanation of pre-Bucc moves. Thanks for being creative!

Teratology: Informed me of a few changes I wasn't aware of(Such as MMB being drops from most 120+ mobs) and the vast outdated-ness of certain sections. Also provided the basis of a mini-training guide.