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Corsair Guide for post Renegade

A wonderful drawing by @xXxRinXx of her Sair CaughtByLove.

[url=] Calculations for Jett vs. Corsairs[/url]

Always looking for mistakes in case you happen to find them. PM me if you find anything wrong/grammatically incorrect or that you have questions about.

Finished Updating for RED

The Path of a Pirate

Since the creation of Pirates they have been an underpopulated class. Due to all the revamps with the Archer, Magician, and Warrior classes we have started to become outdated. The Mutiny patch is the update for Thieves and Pirates. Many of our most beloved skills are deleted and replaced with new ones. The future of the Corsair looks bright after the revamp even if you personally don't like the change.

Corsairs and You

Do you think that the Corsair class will be one that you enjoy or will become your main character? Firstly you should know the pros and cons of the class.

[table=Pros and Cons]


  • High Mobility|* Low Defense
  • High Mastery|* Low HP even after the boost from Whaler's Potion
  • Somewhat appealing skills|* Bad survive-ability
  • Decent DPM even without funding|* Weapons can be hard to find
  • Infinity Blast reduces the amount of bullets that we need to carry|* Bullets take up use inventory space
  • Cheap books & equipment|* One of two classes to carry around a use item needed to attack

Still like the class or find it interesting? Corsairs along with Buccaneers came out in 2008. Since then Pirates have been looked at differently. Sairs are viewed as High DPM class while Buccs are viewed as a novelty class. During the Justice update that is completely changed. Afterwards we are no longer one of the weakest classes in the game. We invest all of our AP into DEX for the strongest output available.

AP recommendation

Corsairs main stat is DEX. STR is our second stat. Each level we should add points into DEX. Once you have the maximum amount of DEX you can either add ability points into HP or STR. Both provide marginal improvements to survivability and damage respectively.

How to increase your HP

The biggest problem that Sairs have is our low HP. There are ways to compensate for this lack of HP through items and link skills. Listed here are my personal list of what to try so you can increase your HP. Listed with a useful rating of 1-10 and a effort rating of 1-10. Both ratings are relative to the other effort/usefulness ratings.

Effort Rating: 1 is little to no effort, 10 is a lot of effort
Usefulness Rating: 1 is not very useful, 10 is extremely useful

Percent HP

Note: Useful because it raises you HP by a percent instead of a small number with little effort if bought, but it can be hard to find and it also takes away from your potential likes for %DEX. Can be obtained through potential on items.


Willpower Trait1010

Note: Very useful because it increases your HP by 2000 at max level and gives you 20% Status Resistance. The biggest downside is how long it takes to get Lv100 Willpower. It isn't too easy to do. Luckly it can be obtained by every hour you have been logged in, Party Quests, mining, and certain bosses in Dojo.

Link Skills

Link Skills107-8

Note: This can take some times if you don't like the classes that have HP link skills. The two most recommended are Cannoneer and Kaiser. Cannoneer adds 15 points onto DEX and gives a bonus 5% HP. Kaiser gives an extra 10% HP. Extra 15% HP just for having other characters.

Character Cards

Character Deck109-10

Note: This can take some time to do. The more high level characters you have to more HP you gain.

Inner Ability

Inner Ability|9|Varies
Note: If you are good at Aswan then you should have no problems with this one. The effort ranges because of that. Still, 20% HP is nothing to laugh at. If you can get that for your ability then you are golden.

First Job

To tell you the truth I have no idea how maple island works now but this is what I remember from trying to make a Dark Knight. Once you get towards the end of maple island you will get a quest asking you to choose a job advancement. This will also teleport you to your job instructor. Once there talk to Kyrin and become a pirate. Congrats your in the first of four jobs for adventurer pirates.

1st Job Skills

[table=Bullet Time]

Bullet Time

Permanently increases Accuracy, Maximum Speed, and Jump.
  • Its always nice to have a boost in our minimum speed

[table=Somersault Kick]

Somersault Kick

A devastating kick that accompanies a backwards somersault. Attacks all enemies in the vicinity.
  • Best mobbing move in 1st job.

[table=Double Shot]

Double Shot

Fires two consecutive bullets to the enemy.
  • Requirement for Triple Fire in 2nd job.

Double-tap the left or right arrow to perform a dash or jump dash. Also cancels all knockback. Use Corkscrew Blow or Triple Fire during the dash for additional damage
* To use dash one can either double tap the arrow keys in the desired direction or set it to a hot key.
* While using Dash, Corkscrew Blow and Triple Fire's damage will be increased.

[table=Shadow Heart]

Shadow Heart

Increases your Critical Rate and minimum Critical Damage
  • After our revamp we gain an extremely high base critical chance

Tempest First Job

Level|Skill 1|Skill 2
10|+1 Somersault Kick (1)|+1 Double Shot (1)|+3 Octopush (3)
11|+2 Octopush (5)|+1 Double Shot (2)|
12|+3 Double Shot (5)||
13|+3 Double Shot (8)||
14|+3 Double Shot (11)||
15|+3 Double Shot (14)||
16|+3 Double Shot (17)||
17|+3 Double Shot (20)|
18|+3 Bullet Time (3)||
19|+3 Bullet Time (6)||
20|+3 Bullet Time (9)||
21|+1 Bullet Time (10)|+2 Shadow Heart (2)|
22|+3 Shadow Heart (5)||
23|+3 Shadow Heart (8)||
24|+2 Shadow Heart (10)|+1 Dash (1)|
25|+3 Dash (4)||
26|+1 Dash (5)|+2 Somersault Kick (3)|
27|+3 Somersault Kick (6)||
28|+3 Somersault Kick (9)||
29|+3 Somersault Kick (12)||
30|+3 Somersault Kick (15)||

End Result
Bullet Time (10) Maxed
Sommersault Kick (15)
Double Shot (20) Maxed
Dash (10) Maxed
Shadow Heart (10) Maxed
Octopush (5) Maxed

1st Job Explanation Post Tempest

When you first become a pirate you get 4 SP to put into your skills. One point into Somersault Kick for mobbing ability, one into double shot for 1v1 skill, and then max Octopush for some quick mobility. Max Double Shot as it is required for Triple Shot. Bullet Time for better speed then Shadow Heart for more crit. Dash is next for better movement. Finish off by dumping your points into Somersault Kick. Not much to think about as first job goes by so fast.

2nd Job

Now that you're Lv30, it's time to advance and get better skills. Why waste time leveling with those bad 1st job skills? A quest should pop-up on the left side of your screen in the form of a light bulb. Accept the quest for your job advancement. Go to Kyrin and click the option to go into the room with the octopi. Only Double Shot can kill these if you have selected the path of a Gunslinger. Collect 30 black marbles from them and exit. Return to Kyrin with the marbles for your 2nd job advancement.

2nd Job Skills

[table=Gun Mastery]
[skill=Gunslinger=Gun-Mastery]###Gun Mastery
Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of Guns, and enhances the maximum number of bullets that can be carried.
  • Sp required is reduced from 20 to 10 in the Tempest Patch

[table=Rapid Blast]
[skill=Gunslinger=Rapid-Blast]###Rapid Blast
Triple blast enemies with super speed
  • Our main mobbing move in 2nd job but it does not get maxed.

[table=Gun Booster]
[skill=Gunslinger=Gun-Booster]###Gun Booster
Increases the attack speed of your weapon
  • Must have a Gun equipped.
  • Sp required is reduced from 20 to 10 in the Tempest Patch

Allows you to jump much higher than usual. Press and hold the jump key again while jumping to descend slowly. Let go to fall at a normal speed
* Slow the rate of falling and now acts as Cannon Jump does.

[table=Recoil Shot]
[skill=Gunslinger=Recoil-Shot]###Recoil Shot
Uses the recoil of the gun to retreat after firing
  • This Macro'd with Wings is our best method of mobility Currently not working

[table=Infinity Blast]
[skill=Gunslinger=Infinity-Blast]###Infinity Blast
Uses multiple bullets and lets you attack without using any ammo for a short time
  • Saves Use space and Mesos
  • Sp required is reduced from 10 to 5 in the Tempest Patch

[table=Physical Training]
[skill=Gunslinger=Physical-Training]###Physical Training
Permanently improves STR and DEX through sheer physical training
  • This will help you use most of your equips
  • Sp required is reduced from 10 to 5 in the Tempest Patch

[table=Triple Fire]
[skill=Gunslinger=Triple-Fire]###Triple Fire
Increases the potency and the number of bullets fired when using Double Shot
  • This is a requirement for Rapid Fire in fourth job.

Tempest 2nd Job Build

Level|Skill 1|Skill 2|Skill 3
30|+1 Rapid Blast (1)|+1 Triple Fire (1)|+2 Gun Mastery (2)
31|+3 Gun Mastery (5)||
32|+3 Gun Mastery (8)||
33|+2 Gun Mastery (10)|+1 Gun Booster (1)|
34|+3 Gun Booster (4)||
35|+3 Gun Booster (7)||
36|+3 Gun Booster (10)||
37|+3 Physical Training (3)||
38|+2 Physical Training (5)|+1 Rapid Blast (2)|
39|+3 Rapid Blast (5)||
40|+3 Rapid Blast (8)||
41|+3 Rapid Blast (11)||
42|+3 Rapid Blast (14)||
43|+3 Rapid Blast (17)||
44|+2 Rapid Blast (19)|+1 Wings (1)|
45|+3 Wings (4)||
46|+1 Wings (5)|+2 Recoil Shot (2)|
47|+3 Recoil Shot (5)||
48|+3 Recoil Shot (8)||
49|+3 Recoil Shot (11)||
50|+3 Recoil Shot (14)||
51|+3 Recoil Shot (17)||
52|+3 Recoil Shot (20)||
53|+3 Infinity Blast (3)||
54|+2 Infinity Blast (5)|+1 Triple Fire (2)|
55|+3 Triple Fire (5)||
56|+3 Triple Fire (8)||
57|+3 Triple Fire (11)||
58|+3 Triple Fire (14)||
59|+3 Triple Fire (17)||
60|+3 Triple Fire (20)||

End Result
Mastery (10) Maxed
Rapid Blast (19)
Booster (10) Maxed
Wings (5) Maxed
Recoil Shot (20) Maxed
Infinity Blast (5) Maxed
Pirate Training (5) Maxed
Triple Fire (20) Maxed

2nd Job Explanation Post Tempest

To start off with your 4 SP put two into your two attacking moves. Next comes Mastery for damage and stability. You max mastery all at once now because the amount of SP it takes was reduced. It consumes less SP and is maxed only 10% of the way through 2nd job Post-Tempest while Pre-Tempest it was maxed 22.5% of the way through 2nd job. Booster for faster attacks. Physical Training because it is a fast five points for 30 DEX. Rapid Blast gets raised to only 19 because we are down one skill point from maxing all of our second job skills but we need that one point for Triple Fire. Max Wings and Recoil for mobility. Then Infinity Blast for Bullet saving and Use space saving. Finally dump the remaining points into Triple Fire to max it so you can get Rapid Fire later.

3rd Job

Welcome to the wonderful world of outlaws. Now the skills become a lot more interesting but first lets get these new skills. Accept the quest from the light bulb and go to El Nath to talk to Pedro. After accepting his quest either take the taxi located right outside the building or walk to Sharp Cliff 1. Once there go through the portal at the bottom to fight Kyrin. After defeating her return to Pedro and he will change you from a Gunslinger to a Outlaw.

3rd Job Skills

[table=Roll Of The Dice]
[skill=Outlaw=Roll-of-the-Dice]###Roll of the Dice
Test your luck! Roll a dice to get a random Buff. Roll a 1 and you get nothing.
  • Only buff that cannot be Macro'd
  • Cooldown changed to 180 seconds.

Fires a scatter shot that damages multiple enemies
* Main mobbing move for 3rd job and also has its uses in 4th job

[table=Cross Cut Blast]
[skill=Outlaw=Cross-Cut-Blast]###Cross Cut Blast
Small nicks in your bullet cause it to split apart, causing far greater damage
  • Increases you attack by 30 when at max level

[table=Blackboot Bill]
[skill=Outlaw=Blackboot-Bill]###Blackboot Bill
Summons the mighty Blackboot Bill to blast through enemies and knock them back
  • Our only form of rush

[table=Outlaws Code]
[skill=Outlaw=Outlaw's-Code]###Outlaw's Code
Strict adherence to the Outlaw's Code provides a permanent increase to Weapon/Magic DEF and Max HP/MP
  • Very useful to have before mobs start to do more damage
  • Sp required is reduced from 20 to 10 in the Tempest Patch

[table=Full Metal Jacket]
[skill=Outlaw=Fullmetal-Jacket]###Full Metal Jacket
Increases Critical Rate and ignores a portion of enemy's DEF
  • Passive buff to crit and PDR

Summons the brave octopus crew and their super-powerful gatling cannon to blast nearby enemies
  • Worse than the former octo that we had but still useful for increasing DPM.
  • Sp required is reduced from 20 to 10 in the Tempest Patch

[table=All Aboard]
[skill=Outlaw=All-Aboard]###All Aboard
Randomly summons one of the brave crewmen of Nautilus. Summoned crewman will move around freely and attack enemies
  • Valerie does 300% damage and lasts 120 seconds
  • Muirhat does 310% damage and lasts 120 seconds
  • Jack does 240% damage and lasts for 120 seconds
  • Jack attacks faster than both Valerie and Muirhat
  • Sp required is reduced from 20 to 10 in the Tempest Patch

3rd Job Build Post Tempest

Level|Skill 1|Skill 2|
60|+1 Blunderbuster (1)|+1 Blackboot Bill (1)|+1 Cross Cut Blast (1)|+1 All Aboard
61|+3 Cross Cut Blast (4)||
62|+3 Cross Cut Blast (7)||
63|+3 Cross Cut Blast (10)||
64|+3 Cross Cut Blast (13)||
65|+3 Cross Cut Blast (16)||
66|+3 Cross Cut Blast (29)||
67|+1 Cross Cut Blast (30)|+2 Blunderbuster (3)|
68|+3 Blunderbuster (6)||
69|+3 Blunderbuster (9)||
70|+3 Blunderbuster (12)||
71|+3 Blunderbuster (15)||
72|+3 Blunderbuster (18)||
73|+2 Blunderbuster (20)|+1 Roll Of The Dice (1)|
74|+3 Roll Of The Dice (4)||
75|+3 Roll Of The Dice (7)||
76|+3 Roll Of The Dice (10)||
77|+3 Roll Of The Dice (13)||
78|+3 Roll Of The Dice (16)||
79|+3 Roll Of The Dice (19)||
80|+1 Roll Of The Dice (20)|+2 Full Metal Jacket (2)|
81|+3 Full Metal Jacket (5)||
82|+3 Full Metal Jacket (8)||
83|+3 Full Metal Jacket (11)||
84|+3 Full Metal Jacket (14)||
85|+3 Full Metal Jacket (17)||
86|+3 Full Metal Jacket (20)||
87|+3 All Aboard (4)||
88|+3 All Aboard (7)||
89|+3 All Aboard (10)||
90|+3 Outlaw's Code (3)||
91|+3 Outlaw's Code (6)||
92|+3 Outlaw's Code (9)||
93|+1 Outlaw's Code (10)|+2 Blackboot Bill (3)|
94|+3 Blackboot Bill (6)||
95|+3 Blackboot Bill (9)||
96|+3 Blackboot Bill (12)||
97|+2 Blackboot Bill (14)|+1 Octo-Cannon (1)|
98|+3 Octo-Cannon (4)||
99|+3 Octo-Cannon (7)||
100|+3 Octo-Cannon (10)||

End Result
Roll Of The Dice (20) Maxed
Blunderbuster (20) Maxed
Cross Cut Blast (20) Maxed
Blackboot Bill (14)
All Aboard (10) Maxed
Outlaw's Code (10) Maxed
Full Metal Jacket (20) Maxed
Octo-Cannon (20) Maxed

3rd Job Explanation Post Tempest

First are our two most useful skills. Cross Cut Blast for a boost in attack, Blunderbuster for a strong mobbing attack. Once those are out of the way we can test our luck with Roll of the Dice. Full Metal Jacket gets moved up from before Tempest because Outlaw's Code was only for when mobs started hitting hard. All Aboard is above Outlaw's Code to put the Code in the same general Level Range. They don't quite do that until the mid to upper 90's. Lastly we finish up with Blackboot Bill and Octo-Cannon thereby maxing all but one of our 3rd job skills.

Blackboot Bill v.s. Blunderbuster

Many people on the Corsair forum have been discussing maxing Bill because it is later used in 4th job while Blunderbuster is not. The skills were originally designed to both be used in 4th job. Because of the slow speed of Easton, Blunderbuster was supposed to be a finisher. By maxing Bill instead of Blunderbuster you not only limit your mobbing in 3rd job from a very early point but you also cost yourself marginally more money. Bill isn't meant to be a high damage dealing move but more of a mob rushing move. The damage it does is pitiful at best. You would be costing yourself more MP pots for a slight boost in damage during 4th job where it really won't make a difference.

You can max either Blunderbuster or Bill if you want. It's your choice but using more points on Bill will slow down training in 3rd job and make Bill have a larger MP cost.

4th Job.

Along with my fellow Corsairs I would like to say welcome to captaincy. This is the last time I will get to tell you about job advancing (unless you ignored me before or make another pirate). First accept the quest from Pedro which should send you to Leafre. Go to the forest of the priest and talk to Samuel. He will ask you to get both the Heroic Star & Heroic Pentagon. These are dropped from Manon & Griffey. Once you have these return them to the forest of the priest and give them to Samuel. After talking to him you should have gained a complete skill set of 4th job and MW10. All Tempest builds are at the bottom of the existing table and have their own explanation.

I decided to suggest two options to people for 4th job. A training and a bossing guide. This is best case scenario. The build that you have for your Corsair will depend on a few things.
  • The books that you are able to obtain.
  • What your habits are in Maple ex. Bossing, Training, PvP (not currently available.)
  • Which skills you find more useful

4th Job Skills

Posted on Southperry by Fiel

[table=Maple Warrior]
[skill=Corsair=Maple-Warrior]###Maple Warrior
Increases the stats of all party members.
  • This is our only party buff

[table=Rapid Fire]
[skill=Corsair=Rapid-Fire]###Rapid Fire
Fire bullets rapidly. Hold down the skill key to continuously attack.
  • Our main 1v1 attack after Battleship gets removed
  • Required skill: Lv. 20 Triple Fire

[table=Heros Will]
[skill=Corsair=Pirate's-Rage]###Hero's Will
Cures you from being Seduced.
  • The cooldown decreases as the skill level increases.

[table=Nautilus Strike]
[skill=Corsair=Nautilus-Strike]###Nautilus Strike
Order the Nautilus to attack multiple enemies at once
  • Has the best range of any skill but has a massive cool-down to go along with that.

[table=Pirates Revenge]
[skill=Corsair=Pirate's-Revenge]###Pirate's Revenge
When attacked, you have a chance to increase your attack damage.
  • The higher the skill level, the longer the buff.
  • Pirate's Revenge can only proc once every 50 seconds.
  • Has the same animation as counter yet doesn't have the same effect.

[table=Double Down]
[skill=Corsair=Double-Down]###Double Down
Try your luck! Roll two dice, and if both have the same number, you'll receive a very powerful buff.
  • Note: 1/1: Nothing, 2/2: +40% Defense, 3/3: Critical Hit Rate: +25%, 5/5: Damage: +30%, 6/6: EXP: +40%
  • Required skill: Lv.20 Roll of the Dice

Your trusty parrot marks a monster for targetting. From then on, all attacks will be focused on that monster and all attacks will deal extra damage
* Once Parrotargetting is used on a monster all of your attacks will focus on the target marked with the parrot
* The target will take extra damage.

Shoots a monster in the head to eliminate it in one shot. Deals powerful damage to monsters who cannot be instantly KO'd
* Reduces DPM at bosses due to slow casting speed. Even with Mount-Cancelling it still lowers our DPM

[table=Eight-Legs Easton]
[skill=Corsair=Eight-Legs-Easton]###Eight-Legs Easton
Summons the dread pirate Eight-Legs Easton, a giant, trigger-happy octopus that fires a hefty barrage of bullets
  • Main mobbing skill for 4th job along with Blunderbuster

[table=Jolly Roger]
[skill=Corsair=Jolly-Roger]###Jolly Roger
Your pirate pride kicks in, boosting Attack, Abnormal Status Resistance, and Elemental Resistance, but lowering Avoidability.
  • Also has a chance to trigger a Stance effect
  • Best chance of surviving at higher level bosses that have seduce is this skill

[table=Ahoy Mateys]
[skill=Corsair=Ahoy-Mateys]###Ahoy Mateys
Pump up the crewmen from your All Aboard skill with your amazing leadership skills. Each crewman will give you different passive effects
  • Gives each crewman a passive buff along with a permanent 30 attack.
  • Valerie gives a higher % critical rate.
  • Muirhat raises the minimum amount of critical damage
  • Jack increases your HP/MP

[table=Majestic Presence]
[skill=Corsair=Majestic-Presence]###Majestic Presence
Uses the Corsair's majestic nature to increase Gun Mastery and allows you to use explosive bullets to deal additional damage
  • This must be maxed because of the high mastery and final attack.

#Early Sair Levels

Laying the foundation for a wonderful existence as a skillful Pirate.

Level|Skill 1|Skill 2|Skill 3|Skill 4
100|+1 Rapid Fire (1)|+1 Eight-Legs Easton (1)|+1 Double Down (1)|+1 Parrotargetting (1)
101|+1 Headshot (1)|+1 Jolly Roger (1)|+1 Majestic Presence (1)|
102|+3 Double Down (4)|||
103|+1 Double Down (5)|+2 Majestic Presence (3)||
104|+3 Majestic Presence (6)|||
105|+3 Majestic Presence (9)|||
106|+3 Majestic Presence (12)|||
107|+3 Majestic Presence (15)|||
108|+3 Majestic Presence (18)|||
109|+3 Majestic Presence (21)|||
110|+3 Majestic Presence (24)|||
111|+3 Majestic Presence (27)|||
112|+3 Majestic Presence (30)|||
113|+3 Pirate Revenge (3)||


One point into each of our two main attacking skills. They replace Blunderbuster immediately. After hitting a mob with Parrotargetting your attacks will follow them. This is great for bosses who will summon mobs. RF becomes focused on them and you still get a damage boost if you hit them at the same time as the mobs with ELE. Double down is maxed quickly as it is only 5 SP and brings a much needed boost to Roll of the Dice. Majestic Presence is maxed next because of its mastery and final attack components. Pirate Revenge is then started as a way to improve damage when hit.

#Lower Ranking Captain

This is where you start to see the potential of being a Corsair. These can be fun at LKC and PQing. You get to see the two different paths that a Corsair can take and the potentials of both.


|The Bossing skills will be separated by commas.|The same will be true for the Training
114|+3 Pirate Revenge (6)|+3 Pirate Revenge (6)
115|+3 Pirate Revenge (9)|+3 Pirate Revenge (9)
116|+1 Pirate Revenge (10), +2 Ahoy Mateys (2)|+1 Pirate Revenge (10), +2 Eight-Legs Easton (3)
117|+3 Ahoy Mateys (5)|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (6)
118|+3 Ahoy Mateys (8)|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (9)
119|+3 Ahoy Mateys (11)|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (12)
120|+3 Ahoy Mateys (14)|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (15)
121|+1 Ahoy Mateys (15), +2 Rapid Fire (3)|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (18)
122|+3 Rapid Fire (6)|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (21)
123|+3 Rapid Fire (9)|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (24)
124|+3 Rapid Fire (12)|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (27)
125|+3 Rapid Fire (15)|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (30)
126|+3 Rapid Fire (18)|+3 Jolly Roger (4)
127|+3 Rapid Fire (21)|+3 Jolly Roger (7)
128|+3 Rapid Fire (24)|+3 Jolly Roger (10)
129|+3 Rapid Fire (27)|+3 Jolly Roger (13)
130|+3 Rapid Fire (30)|+3 Jolly Roger (16)
131|+3 Jolly Roger (4)|+3 Jolly Roger (19)
132|+3 Jolly Roger (7)|+1 Jolly Roger (20), +2 Ahoy Mateys (2)
133|+3 Jolly Roger (10)|+3 Ahoy Mateys (5)
134|+3 Jolly Roger (13)|+3 Ahoy Mateys (8)
135|+3 Jolly Roger (16)|+3 Ahoy Mateys (11)



Next we finish Pirate Revenge. The reason why this is next, is because unlike the other jobs we get hit a lot. So you're going to have this skill on most of the time. It gives more of a damage boost than Jolly Roger, and only 5% less damage than max Parrotargetting while only costing half the SP.

Next is Ahoy Mateys. This makes your summons useful by them giving you a 30atk buff, and a to give you either 10% critical rate, 10% critical damage, or 20% hp/mp. Not only that, it increases the damage the summons does themselves. After having this, there is no reason why you shouldn't have your summons out.

Now that you got the major buffs to your damage maxed, maxing rapid fire is the next thing you will be doing.

Once that's done you want Jolly Roger. The reason why you want this instead of Parrotargetting is that you have the lock on effect of Parrotargetting at level 1 and the only difference between 1 and 20 is the %dmg it gives. At this point, you'll be half way through 4th job and start doing some major bossing. So stance from Jolly Roger is going to start being pretty important. Also with major bosses, also means bosses start using some annoying spells like seduce which can spell death for you and with that 30% resistance, it will help. Style will increase your damage and your survivability compare to Parrotargetting.


Next we finish Pirate Revenge. The reason why this is next, is because unlike the other jobs we get hit a lot. So you're going to have this skill on most of the time. It gives more of a damage boost than Jolly Roger, and only 5% less damage than max Parrotargetting while only costing half the SP.

Eight-Legs Easton is next since will give the biggest boost to your damage while you train.

Next we start putting points into Jolly Roger. The reason why you want this now is for the 10% damage boost that it gives and for the 60% stance. With the damage boost you will be killing things even faster now and the stance will help you from not falling off of platforms and being not being knocked back.

Next is Ahoy Mateys. This makes your summons useful by them giving you a 30atk buff, and a to give you either 10% critical rate, 10% critical damage, or 20% hp/mp. Not only that, it increases the damage the summons does themselves. After having this, there is no reason why you shouldn't have your summons out.

Bossing V.S. Training

Overall the names reflect which can be most useful for your favorite way to train. As of the Unleashed update, GMS no longer has party play in LKC. This was the main training ground for most maplers. Now it is highly recommended that you train using the training build because no mob that you will face will have a high amount of HP until you are able to go to future Henesys.

#Climbing the Chain of Command

|The Bossing skills will be separated by commas.|The same will be true for the Training
136|+3 Jolly Roger (19)|+3 Ahoy Mateys (14)
137|+1 Jolly Roger (20), +2 Parrotargetting (3)|+1 Ahoy Mateys (15), +2 Quick Draw (2)
138|+3 Parrotargetting (6)|+3 Quick Draw (5)
139|+3 Parrotargetting (9)|+3 Quick Draw (8)
140|+1 Parrotargetting (10), +2 Quick Draw (2)|+2 Quick Draw (10), +1 Rapid Fire (2)
141|+3 Quick Draw (5)|+3 Rapid Fire (5)
142|+3 Quick Draw (8)|+3 Rapid Fire (8)
143|+2 Quick Draw (10), +1 Eight-Legs Easton (2)|+3 Rapid Fire (11)
144|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (5)|+3 Rapid Fire (14)
145|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (8)|+3 Rapid Fire (17)
146|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (11)|+3 Rapid Fire (20)
147|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (14)|+3 Rapid Fire (23)
148|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (17)|+3 Rapid Fire (26)
149|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (20)|+3 Rapid Fire (29)
150|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (23)|+1 Rapid Fire (30), +2 Parrotargetting (3)
151|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (26)|+3 Parrotargetting (6)
152|+3 Eight-Legs Easton (29)|+3 Parrotargetting (9)
153|+1 Eight-Legs Easton (30), +2 Maple Warrior (2)|+1 Parrotargetting (10), +2 Maple Warrior (2)



After style you have max Parrotargetting for the boost in damage at bosses.

If you're more of the solo type, you might want maple warrior before Eight-Legs Easton. Hero's Will can be maxed before Maple Warrior.

Eight-Legs Easton: The reason why Eight-Legs Easton is maxed so late, is because this build is more focused on bossing which is usually 1vs1. Even though we waited this long, you probably noticed that it has increased in damage over time, because of the all the buffs you have like Revenge, Rodger, Presence, and so on. So even though we have focused on bossing, your mobbing has increased as well and this is now the time to max it to it's full potential.

Maple Warrior: If you are with people a lot more, you'll max Eight-Legs Easton first. The reason being is that chances are when you're partying at LHC or SH, or with a group of friends/guildies to kill a couple of bosses one of them are going to already have maple warrior. With the very high likely chance of someone already having mw, focusing on your own skill improvements is going to bring more damage/benefit to the party and yourself than maxing a party buff that someone already probably have.

Hero's Will For those of you who know enough people that you can do Horntail this would be the point that you max Hero's Will. This would be after Eight-Legs Easton.


After that you finally focus on your 1vs1 move of rapid fire.

Now you do Parrotargetting to increase your damage for 1vs1. At this point you're basically at your full bossing potential other than for Maple Warrior.

#The Captain's Honor

Level|Skill One|Skill 2
154|+3 Maple Warrior (5)|
155|+3 Maple Warrior (8)|
156|+3 Maple Warrior (11)|
157|+3 Maple Warrior (14)|
158|+3 Maple Warrior (17)|
159|+3 Maple Warrior (20)|
160|+3 Maple Warrior (23)|
161|+3 Maple Warrior (26)|
162|+3 Maple Warrior (29)|
163|+1 Maple Warrior (30)|+2 Hero's Will (2)
164|+3 Hero's Will (5)|
165|+3 Headshot (4)|
166|+3 Headshot (7)|
167|+3 Headshot (10)|
168|+3 Headshot (13)|
169|+3 Headshot (16)|
170|+3 Headshot (19)|
171|+3 Headshot (22)|
172|+3 Headshot (25)|
173|+3 Headshot (28)|
174|+2 Headshot (30)|+1 Nautlius Strike (1)
175|+3 Nautlius Strike (4)|
176|+3 Nautlius Strike(7)|
177|+3 Nautlius Strike(10)|
178|+3 Nautlius Strike(13)|
179|+3 Nautlius Strike(16)|
180|+3 Nautlius Strike(19)|
181|+3 Nautlius Strike(22)|
182|+3 Nautlius Strike(25)|
183|+3 Nautlius Strike(28)|
184|+2 Nautlius Strike(30)|
185-200||Extra SP

End Result
Everything maxed.


Extra SP can be used on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd job skills or you can just save them as there is really no use for them.


The last two skills are Nautilus and Headshot. This is a matter of preference really since both aren't all that useful. My personal preference is maxing Nautilus instead of Headshot. Headshot lowers our DPM at the moment, because of the speed. The 1hit ko effect from Headshot doesn't work at party play zones which is where you're going to mostly be training anyways. So in training areas and bossing it isn't useful. Also let's admit, anything outside those two areas the mobs die in 1-2 hits anyways so the 1hit ko effect isn't that impressive and can get that effect at lvl1. While with Nautilus, at least when maxing it you're lowering the cool down so it becomes more spammable over time. I can see in a future revamp that Headshot's speed increasing to make it actually useful and things can change, but until then would say maxing nautilus is better.

Hyper Skills

With the inclusion of hyper skills Corsairs have become more balanced. Hyper skills, for those of you who don't know, are split into three separate categories. Those categories are stat enhancing passives, skill enhancing passives, and buff/attacking actives. Each category gets it's own SP and that SP can only be applied to that category. You get 6 stat enhancing SP, 5 skill enhancing SP, and 3 active SP. If SP for your Hyper Skills are put onto the wrong skill they can be reset for a fee which raises every time it is used. The fee maxes out at 10,000,000 per reset.

Stat Enhancing Hyper Skills

Stat enhancing hyper skills are designed to boost any stats that might be lacking. Some are useless to certain classes such as Hyper Fury to any class that isn't either Demon Slayer or Demon Avenger (not yet released). They can help cover major flaws in a class such as our lack of HP. By applying points into these hyper skills you can gain more DEX, defense, and health. You get 6 SP to use for all of these skills and they are unlocked every 10 levels from level 140 to level 200. Don't worry if you accidently assign SP to the wrong skill as it can be reset but for a rising fee.

NameDescriptionLevel RequiredPoints into
Hyper DefensePermanently increases Weapon DEF (+500)Lv 165Yes
Hyper Magic DefensePermanently increases Magic DEF (+500)Lv 174Yes
Hyper SpeedPermanently increases Movement Speed (+10)Lv 152No
Hyper JumpPermanently increases Jump (+10)Lv 146No
Hyper AccuracyPermanently increases Accuracy (+20%)Lv 158No
Hyper CriticalPermanently increases Critical Rate (+10%)Lv 198Yes
Hyper DexterityPermanently increases DEX (+50)Lv 140Yes
Hyper IntelligencePermanently increases INT (+50)Lv 140No
Hyper LuckPermanently increases LUK (+50)Lv 140No
Hyper StrengthPermanently increases STR (+50)Lv 140No
Hyper HealthPermanently increases Max HP (+15%)Lv 192Yes
Hyper ManaPermanently increases Max MP (+15%)Lv 186Yes
Hyper FuryPermanently increases Max DF (+50)Lv 180No

Sairs have horrible HP compared to other classes. Our Hyper Skills fix that and give us other valuable buffs as well. I recommend getting Hyper Defense, Hyper Magic Defense, Hyper Critical, Hyper Dexterity, Hyper Health, and Hyper Mana. If you so choose you can replace Hyper Mana with Hyper Strength for a slight boost in damage. It doesn't have a major effect but it does boost it slightly. Critical and Dexterity are important towards your damage even if you currently hit the damage cap. Health, Defense, and Magic Defense are all majorly important to our success with upper level bosses. They give us the ability to survive better along with our decently high status resistance.

Skill Enhancing Hyper Skills

Skill enhancing hyper skills are similar to stat enhancing. There are many choices and you don't get enough SP to max all of them. Unlike stat enhancing skills these skills are focused towards Corsairs only. These can boost certain skills in their damage, range, and number of hits. They skills for corsair are not as helpful as some classes but are more helpful than others.

NameDescriptionLevelApply SP
Double Down - Saving Grace40% chance for the cooldown to not apply when double down does not activate. Next 4 rolls will have double down.Lv 183yes
Double Down - AdditionLucky number seven added to dice.Lv 162No
Double Down - EnhanceChance to roll a 4, 5, or 6 are increased.Lv 143No
Brain Scrambler - ReinforceIncreases Brain Scrambler's damage. (Damage +20%)Lv 168No
Brain Scrambler - Extra StrikeIncreases the number of attacks for Brain Scrambler. (Number of Attacks +1)Lv 189Yes
Brain Scrambler - Cooldown CutterRemoves the cooldown on Brain Scrambler. (Cooldown -100%)Lv 149Yes
Rapid Fire - ReinforceIncreases Rapid Fire damage. (Damage +20%)Lv 195Yes
Rapid Fire - Add RangeIncreases Rapid Fire range. (Range +50)Lv 177Yes
Rapid Fire - Boss RushIncreases damage dealt to bosses with Rapid Fire. (Damage to Bosses: +20%)Lv 155Yes

Our choices in enhancing our skills are horrible. Blunderbuster isn't used by most Sairs because ELE is stronger and doesn't have a slow casting speed compared to other versions. I would not recommend putting any sp onto the Blunderbuster enhancing skills. ELE and RF are our two main attacking skills. Unfortunately we only get 5 sp for 6 skills that are good possibilities. Both reinforces should have sp applied to them. When the damage cap is raised they will help tremendously even if you currently hit the damage cap. Boss Rush for Rapid Fire is a must even if you don't do bosses very often. LHC is filled with boss mobs and if you train there a lot then it would be helpful to you as well. The extra attack for ELE is a must. It helps you kill the mobs faster and adds to your overall DPM while mobbing. The biggest decision that you face is deciding between RF add range and ELE Spread. I personally recommend RF - Add Range because you will find more instances where a boss knocks you back and RF doesn't hit anymore compared to a mob of seven or eight. You can choose Spread and you will have no loss at all but for the majority of people Add Range will help more.

Active Hyper Skills

Active skills are similar to skill enhancing hyper skills in the fact that they are job focused. These skills must be actively used by the player. They might not be as useful as the other hyper skills but it depends on the class. Our attacking hyper skill is quite useless compared to our normal attacks but the buffs are greatly needed. All of these skills will be maxed unlike other hyper skills.

NameDescriptionLevel Unlocked
Whaler's PotionMP Cost: 300, Duration: 180 sec, Max HP: +40%, Status Ailment and Elemental Resistance: +15%, Damage Taken: -15%Lv 150
Ugly BombMP Cost: 500, Enemies Hit: 15, Damage: 400%, Number of Attacks: 12. Cooldown: 15 sec, Max Damage: 9999999Lv 170
Epic AdventureMP Cost: 100, Duration: 60 sec, Damage: +10%, Max Damage: +50000, Cooldown: 120 sec. Only applies to Explorer class within the partyLv 200

We have the worst named hyper skills. Let me just say that to start. They have good functions but the worst names possible. Whaler's Potion is going to be your favorite skill once you reach Lv150. Not only does it give you more durability when taking hits but when it is active, and paired with Hyper Health, you get a 55% boost to your base HP. Ugly bomb replaces Nautilus as an ultimate and is much more efficent. Epic Adventure is the same for all classes and is only received once you reach Lv200.

Frequently Asked Questions (Always looking for more if you happen to think of them)

Just as a help to the newer Pirates, what are questions that you have seen before that would be helpful for others to know? I will edit this to keep it updated with replies.

Q: How do Cross Cut Blast and Infinity Blast work together?
A: Infinity Blast creates an infinite amount of bullets for you to use in the next 180 seconds (at max level) with the same attack as your current bullets. Cross Cut Blast adds +30 attack to the next 700 attacks (currently glitched). So if you have Eternal Bullet (20 attack), Infinity Blast makes bullets with the same attack then Cross Cut Blast adds an additional +30 attack onto those bullets.

Q: Why do I keep seeing really low numbers after using Rapid Fire or Eight Leg Easton?
A: Majestic Presence does 70% of your damage range while Rapid Fire does 330% and Eight Leg Easton does 590%. Huge difference in attacking power.

@RubyRidge's FAQ

Q: Why don't we have the boat anymore?
A: Nexon took it out as part of the Revamp. Essentially, the ship was slowing us down and Rapid Fire no longer had a use when the HP was removed from the ship (as of the Chaos patch, I believe). They kept the ship in the game as a mount, which is obtainable from Samuel, the 4th job instructor.

Q: What's wrong with Recoil Shot and Wings?
A: We were given greater vertical mobility with Wings, and you cannot currently macro the two together. It seems as though Recoil Shot and Wings are not meant to be used in conjunction with each other.

Q: Why can't we exchange old Mastery Books with new ones?
A: There will be an exchange on the 16th of this month (August).

Q: Which came first: the Jett or the Corsair?
A: The Corsair Revamp was planned for months, but in a fit of greed, Nexon released the GMS-exclusive Jett a month before the Revamp, which is essentially a reskinned, Revamped Corsair. So the Corsair should have come first, but the lure of NX cash was too much for Nexon to resist.

Q: Which should I put points into first: Rapid Fire or Eight-Legs Easton?
A: If you're going for LHC maps that are glitched, then choose Eight-Legs Easton. If you are going for LHC maps that are normal, then choose Rapid Fire. Eight-Legs Easton is better for larger amounts of mobs, while Rapid Fire is our 1 vs. 1 skill. Eight-Legs Easton is a particularly good choice as there is no delay for it right now.

Q: Help! I can't macro my ship mount!
A: This was probably intentionally done by Nexon to offset the glitch known as mount-cancel, which cancels out the delay that would normally be found in skills like Eight-Legs Easton. Apparently, the absence of delay is not intentional.

Q: How the devil do we use Wings?
A: Make sure that you are standing still, and that you are not pressing any directional buttons at the time of using Wings. After pressing and holding Wings, then you may use directional buttons or Recoil Shot to specify where you would like to land. @AhnZap said, "Finally I can glide with Wings skill. It WORKS even if I use it with direction keys, you just have to press and hold the skill button at the moment after [the recoil] shot animation end[s]."

Q: How does mount-cancel work?
A: Mount-cancel is used to remove the delay from skills. You can mount cancel by attacking and immediately pressing the mount key after. It can be macro'd in KMS, apparently, but we cannot macro it. You should pick a key for the mount that is comfortable to press from where your attack keys are situated, as you'll need to be quick.

Q: We lost Battleship - WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!1!
A: *slaps* Battleship was replaced with a series of buffs that offset the loss of the skill. Rapid Fire's damage was also increased.

Q: Do we need to mount-cancel Eight-Legs Easton?
A: Right now, the "delay" (if you can even call it that) on ELE is so short, it's unnecessary. It's the same speed as Suborbital Bombardier (a Jett 4th job skill).

Q: What's this I'm hearing about a Hot Time hat?
A: If you log in any time during August 11th (until 11:59 PM Pacific), you'll obtain Pirate Goggles, which are level 50 and have +10 for every stat, in addition to +100 HP/MP and ten upgrade available. However, if you are a third job/fourth job Pirate (Marauder/Buccaneer, Outlaw/Corsair, Cannon Trooper/Cannon Master), then you will also get +5 W.ATT and +5 all stats on your Pirate Goggles. However, no potential is on the hat when you receive it - instead, you receive two 100% Potential scrolls, in addition to two Dual Blade hats. You can choose which character gains which item(s).

Q: How well can a Corsair survive, and what skills does a Corsair have to increase the chances of survival? How can I make my Corsair more "sturdy"? Could you use Wings to float across a map unharmed?
A: Corsairs are built to be ranged fighters, and their chances of surviving a crowding mob are not good. We don't have much in the way of avoidability or damage reduction, which makes surviving mobs difficult. If you have a Cannoneer, then you can use its link skill to boost your HP. You should focus on raising your willpower, which you can do by completing PQs or by staying logged in. I would not suggest using Rex earrings to increase your HP, as by using Majestic Presence and Rapid Fire, the durability of your earrings can be dissipated within thirty minutes of bossing/training. Character cards are a great way to increase your HP. A Chaos HTP will serve you well, as will Decent HB (assuming you have unique Stirgeman pants, unique Android Legs or an A level Decent HB nebulite). If you're more concerned with surviving than with damage, then you can get medals which increase your HP, as well as craft rings for HP. With Wings, you can float for a while. It all depends on how high you can get - if there is a platform from which you can use Wings, or if the distance Wings propels you vertically is well over the height of the mobs, then you could use Wings to get across maps. The idea behind it is that you can boost yourself vertically and then float down, so if you get high enough, you can use Wings to survive. It depends on the map and on the mobs in the map. Recoil Shot is a nice saving move that can get you away from a mob quickly if you're low on health.

Q: Why was/is there such an uproar over the Pirate Revamp?
A: To quote @superimani: "Because Pirates, well Buccs at least, were the weakest class in the game for years. No mobility, no power, broken skills, skills with many flaws. Then a bunch other classes got revamped before. Warriors, Archers, Mages got 2 before we got 1 revamp. Then KMS finally gave us a revamp and we were strong and updated like everyone else. People were excited for it to come to GMS.

It was suppose to come around June, Nexon delayed it and gave out a stupid event we thought it would come in June but there were more useless events. July the thieves got one and we were suppose to get it at the same time as thieves.... We didn't and we were still weak as hell. Lots of complaints, lots of Nexon hates pirates blah blah blah. Then Azwan came out everyone thought it would come with that NOPE still the only job not revamped class since release.

Then at least a month and a half after we were suppose to get the patch we finally got it. Now we are kinda happy but at the same time we aren't because we can't book exchange tell the 16th, more unnecessary waiting and we can't use are skills to their full potential, now people are trying to exploit us by selling books for 100+ mil. We also didn't get any compensation for the hell we were caused as well as we didn't get any free mastery books like Thieves did. However we still got the revamped and we are WAY stronger then we were before. So we are more less happy..... for now."

And @sleepyheadXIII: "Because pirates/thieves were left out of Jump/Ascension. It was only warriors, mages, and archers which all got a pretty big boost from that patch.
So they have been waiting for an update that revamps them finally.
After waiting for think a month or two, instead of revamping them they gave us legends.
Then later they revamp the heroes a 2nd and 3rd time, revamp the other adventurers again, and resistance all before us.
So at that point they have been left behind really and just eating everyone's dust until Justice and were pretty weak compared to others.
Then when finally get Justice/Mutiny, GMS decided to make Jett instead of giving pirates their revamp.
So not only did pirates suck, Nexon decided that Jett>revamping us and it wasn't until now(probably not until September if pirates didn't rage about it) that we finally got revamped to actually keep up with everyone."

And @PraisedAura: "This + burdened with outdated skill mechanics + borderline obsolete + being outclassed by everybody else in pretty much every aspect."

Credits (Give credit where credit is due)

Thanks to @sleepyheadXIII: for responding to the many PMs I sent him that included rough drafts of all 5 skill builds.

Credit to @lazypando: for the change in 4th Job training build putting Parrotargetting after rapid fire.

Thanks @ClericBoyZ15: for challenging me on ever single build.

@Thungada made me have a UA section just because he was too lazy to figure it out on his own. (Plus he got me my empress hat )

Thanks a ton to @Halfhearted for showing me how to use tables.

A huge thanks to @Kinshima for fixing a problem with the introduction for 2nd job and other problems

@iLoveJesters found a simple mistake in the explanation for 3rd job, twice .

Very useful macro combination found by @Rosencroft.

I should owe @xXxRinXx something for that wonderful banner but many thanks to her.

I must say that almost the entire FAQ section was thought up by @RubyRidge.

@pandorasboks found a mistake in the explanation for the 130-155 SP section that I haven't seen once in the past month.

@GunsTheSparkle is the argument that is in bold near the 3rd job explanation

Thanks to @xEternalYoshix for finding a few mistakes I had missed in the Tempest update. Changed the amount of Extra SP.

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