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Play with me? Screen

By omisfortuneo

omisfortuneo Level 206 Scania Blade Master
Apr 25 2013 My new Dual Blade~ Got lazy in the end, so rushed everything... x_x

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123445 Level 177 Windia Wild Hunter 4
she remind me the kid from the elevator prank
Apr 26 2013
Ecoutie Level 200 Scania Mercedes 4
+6 I don't want to go to jail. But loli
Apr 26 2013
Marceaux Level 203 Scania Demon Avenger 4
+3 Omg this is one of the cutest drawings I have seen on Basil!
+1 +1 +1 +infinity
Apr 26 2013
calebheads Level 200 Scania Hero
+5 its also a little scary... idk why[/quote]

It's because she's hanging her bear.
Apr 26 2013
ill play with the one on the smaller bottom one
Apr 26 2013
Fusion09 Level 111 Broa Bow Master
+2 looks like annie from LoL still good thou
Apr 26 2013

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