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Pole arm master's diary - episode 1b Screen

By questlqy

questlqy Level 33 Aquila Thunder Breaker 2
Aug 11 2013 I know, this is a reupload of a comic I previously submitted, but I actually got some of the slides wrong, so yeah, this is a resubmission, I suppose?

Acknowledgements: BannedStory 3, BannedStory 4, Paint, Google Images, MapleStory

This is the past of the Pole Arm Master, Aran. He seems to have an elder stepbrother, Mika!

Note: This is fan-fiction. I needed to reduce the quality of the comic due to BasilMarket's 550KB policy. Originally it was 745KB, changed to 355KB. I have a link to the higher quality one, which I might put much later.

All non-English names or callings are in Chinese Pinyin (or preferably, the Mu Lung Language, just to let you know).
There are translations given. (Who wants to get suspended for not giving translations?)
"Tiequan" is the name of the panda, meaning "iron fist".
"Houge" is elder stepbrother.
"Houdi" is younger stepbrother.

And yes, I understand that the fonts might be a bit too big. I've already made Episode 2, which I'm going to submit after I've submitted this. The fonts in Episode 2 are 75% the size of the fonts of Episode 1.

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