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Potential Final Attack Glitch?

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Over the past month, I've noticed that my Hero and White Knight have been casting an additional attack (I'm thinking it's FA, but I'm not too sure o_o) that delays the movement of my characters. I've been looking through the threads of Basil for a while to see if anyone else has noticed anything, and I haven't seen anything come up. Therefore, I wanted to ask if anyone else has been experiencing this problem with their warriors.
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jrealdeal Level 211 Broa Aran 4
I just recently noticed this too with my Aran.
Its rather annoying. I dont ever recall seeing anything about this change in any patch notes.
Aug 05 2013
It's been making it a bit difficult to play my characters, and I noticed it happened around the same time the first part of the update for Unleashed came out.
Aug 05 2013
IfIMust Level 63 Chaos Night Walker 3
It's come up a few times in threads recently but they may have been burried. to answer your question though yes Final attack is glitched atm and it does the old pre big bang animation. Don't know if nexon has acknowledged it yet though.
Aug 05 2013
manpreet007 Level 224 Bera Hero
You should really look on nexon's fourms under bugs instead on basil, anyway this bug has been reported many times and is in the known bug list by nexon
Aug 05 2013

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