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Potentials for Katara/Dagger

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dmcasian1 Level 178 Windia Hero
What would be a better potential to have on my Katara/Dagger? +Atk or %LUK?
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antisenpai Level 250 Broa Blade Master AntiSenpai @
Depends, I have 56% Att on my Dagger and 36% Att 26% Damage on my Katara and it works well for me though I'm lacking in Boss damage, only 250%, so you'll need a median.

If you like to boss, def go for 2 lines of boss and a line of att and att on your bpots.
Mar 18 2017
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dmcasian1 Level 178 Windia Hero
@globalkorean I bought a clean Japanese Katara with Epic Potential and got %LUK instead of %Atk unlocking the potential

@antisenpai Helpful response, thanks!
Mar 20 2017

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