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Preparing for Mercedes - What items did you get?

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LongCrayon Level 108 Windia Ranger
I'm gonna start collecting items in the FM and on my character and give them to my Mercedes. The thing is, I don't know what to give him..
What did you guys get?
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saving spot
EDIT: Yea right now im just getting unique equips so I can make them legendary when DS comes.
So far I have Unique:
Top, Cape, Specs, Shoes, Earrings,
Epic: (still need to get these to unique)
Czak, HTP, lvl 110 weapon, and the lvl 120 arrow

Still looking for a glove and bottom
Dec 16 2011
Zamn Level 191 Bera Bishop
Cubed WG 3+4% dex. +5 str.
Dec 16 2011
Riisukun Level 193 Mardia Wind Archer 4
It all depends on funding and how much you are going to spend. The of course you have to decide if its going to excell 70 then 100 then 120+. So is it going to be your main or not?
Dec 16 2011
i only have a 6 att wg with 2% dex gonna use for all my legends that it
Dec 16 2011
Valky Level 204 Scania Demon Slayer 4
just get a bunch of %dex gear and a few dual bowguns to boot
Dec 16 2011
about 75% dex, the legendary 110 dualbowgun, cannoneer empress blessing, evorings & NX to style it up =P
Dec 16 2011
x3Inferno Level 187 Mardia Wild Hunter 4
50% Dex and I pnik scrolled a legendary dualbow. Only +7 atm and not perfect. Ran out of meso xP. WS are so expensive right now.
Dec 16 2011
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