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VMAs Level 212 Scania Night Lord
With the inflation going on, I was curious as to how much my items are worth.

5 Star Primed Fafnir Wind Chaser (290 ATT 15% Total Damage, Unique)
Blasted Feather (30% Boss Damage, 8% Crit, Unique)
Royal Ranger Beret (Clean, 9% Dex, Unique)
Eagle Eye Ranger Cowl (Clean, 9% Dex, Unique)
Trixter Ranger Pants (Clean, 12% Dex, Unique)
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rest are 3-5b each
i`m taking bera prices here. also, everything is just an estimate based on what i`ve seen
Nov 14 2014
betaboi101 Level 56 Broa Assassin Hanyu Guild
Everything in Scania minus the duped scrolls and nebs are OP. Mesos are really worthless there..

OT: I would imagine in Broa you could snag maybe a bil or two for the clean ra stuff since unique scrolls here go for 4bil a pop. The weapon will probably go for around 7ish to max maybe in Broa if that is the xbow or if that is a bow maybe even as high as 12-15bilish (I mix up the bow and xbow faf names ;x). Since Scania's market is completely different I'd say maybe even times the prices by 1.25-1.5x compared to Broa.
Nov 14 2014
VMAs Level 212 Scania Night Lord
Yeah, I might have to stick with my BM with everything that's going on. Starting not to mind it either, lol. Also debating if I want to even play anymore.
Nov 14 2014
ProEwok Level 122 Scania Luminous 4
the bow in scania id say around 15b ish
Secondairy 2 ish
Ra 1 -2 b
Nov 14 2014
Fluxxxxx Level 203 Kradia Zero Transcendent
Inflation is only for LuK items or Nightwalker equips.
@PinaKoala yeah deflation for other items [/quote]

I'm sure that with the value of mesos deflating, items inflate. Idk about your world though >,<.
Nov 14 2014
Ok i'm getting dizzy with the inflation deflation thing, someone care to explain like i'm 5? Maybe 4 since i'm extra dumb lately.
Nov 14 2014
@Amazing: Yeah i know, i just want to know the source/reason behind the current one.
Nov 14 2014
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