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Price Check on 13 Magic Attack Cape

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So i sold my 13 Magic Attack Cape and i'm wanting to know if i got a good deal it was also Epic
Posted: March 2013 Permalink


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WakeUpFever Level 200 Broa Aran 4
Uh what did you sell it for lol......
Mar 07 2013
meyersultan Level 188 Bellocan Corsair
Dude you made the best deal of you life you sold it for two, maybe three
Mar 07 2013
infinteZero Level 208 Demethos Evan 10th Growth
more or less depends on the following
what cape?
what potential (lines/stats/Bonus?)?
how much?
Mar 07 2013
I bought it for 20m off a guy that hasnt played in a year
17% chance to reduce damage by 20
some other stats
Sold for 60m...
Mar 07 2013
omg u got scammed so hard.
Mar 07 2013
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