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Price Check on Old Items

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zelai Level 95 Windia Outlaw
hey guys Im just getting back to the game and I was wondering what these items are worth.

Zombie Army Ring
Korean Fan
Underneath the Maple Tree Chair
Talking Witch Hat
Legendary Maple Scarf
Legendary Maple Earrings
LED Sunglasses (perma nx)
Black Checkered Shorts (perma nx)
Bathrobe for Women
Valentine Rose (yellow, white, red, and blue)
Yellow Umbrella
Sky Blue Umbrella
Beryl Maple Weapons (Manareaper, Manabreaker, Lightcaller, Skyslasher, Starsmasher, Windreaver, Soulclaimer, Lightsplitter)
Posted: September 2017 Permalink


readers Level 131 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art readers is intoReaders
Most, if not all (since I can't say for all - especially for the perm NX and chair) of those items aren't worth anything. In particular are stuff like the bathrobe and Korean Fan and also the more recent event stuff like the Broomstick and Talking Witch Hat, in comparison to some of the older items like the roses and umbrellas and the Maple items as well, which might garner interest but in general I would not expect very much. Those who'd be interested are collectors - and the pricing for those items are up to the discretion of the interested buyer since there's virtually no market for them.
Sep 03 2017

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