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Price check on some items

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skrtttt Level 74 Scania Demon Slayer 1
Hey, I just need a price check on a few items:
[C] Nebulite (All Damage %) +2%
Cube Fragments
Equip Enhancement Scroll

I haven't played maple in years so I don't even know how much these would go for. I did check online but the posts are from 2012 and below so I assume those are outdated.
Posted: June 2017 Permalink


strauss08 Level 215 Windia Kinesis 4
Ok, since you haven't played in years, do you remember those owls used to search fm? Buy those at the town potion shop as they dont need nx anymore. There is also the auction house where you have a search bar and can find similar items and guess at the price from those.
Jun 02 2017

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