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Price check on some items - returning player

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chikenfgt Level 142 Scania Cannoneer 4
Hey just returned to maplestory looking for a price check on some items!

Superior Gollux Ring (+8) unique 15% luk
315 atk +10 fafnir polearm (perfect +10 15% spell traced) epic +6% att
'The Fall of Shiganshina' chair (Attack on Titan event exclusive chair)
Posted: April 2017 Permalink


enlock Level 145 Reboot Evan 10th Growth
the ring is prob around 8b i would think (new scania player so could be totally wrong)
as for the polearm and chair i have no idea
Its potential isnt great but the fact its +10 15% traced makes me think like 4-6b... but spell trace fever did just happen so prices are down.
Lastly i dont know chairs either but that chair is really big and cool and not many people sell it so i would assume a pretty heavy amount
Apr 24 2017
chikenfgt Level 142 Scania Cannoneer 4
@enlock: cheers bro, do you think it would be worth cubing the spear, and if it was lets say unique 30% boss how much more would it go for then?
Apr 25 2017
rebootgp Level 191 Galicia Dark Knight
Chikenfgt if It was 30% boss just leave it there leg doesn't rly mat 30% boss is boss
Apr 26 2017

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