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Prime Whip - ATK 314 Screen

By dr4g0ns1ay3r

dr4g0ns1ay3r Level 205 Bera Xenon 4
Feb 23 2015 I have made this whip during the 9th anniversary. I yoloed it for the first 5 slot.Then start putting protection scrolls. Only Failed twice.
The funny thing is at the last slot I accidentally used a pinnacle scroll w/o protection. I would be so sad if it had blown up.
Waited for the Star Force and here's the result.

Forgot to Mention that I used 3 unique pot scrolls from attendance. Man that was frustrating

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cursedlair Level 170 Scania Wind Archer 4
considering you used 6 scrolls that didnt boom ur equip, id say u shud be happy despite the 3 unique pot scrolls
Feb 25 2015

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