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Probably the most annoying screen problem ever.

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Sheckamaru Level 163 Bera Corsair
So i reformatted my computer on my own, for the first time.
I thought everything went well until i started playing maple
I installed windows XP on it.

At random times, this problem would start and cause me countless amounts of deaths, and irritate me.

This is probably the most annoying problem ive had to deal with.

ive tried everything from changing the quality of the screen to going in windows mode and out.
only thing that fixes it temporary is restarting maple.

has anyone had this problem?
i tried re-installing maple.
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thats just at zak?
Nov 25 2010
myrdrex Level 71 Scania Cannoneer 3
It seems like there's a lot of people having this 'background' problem since the last patch. Hopefully it's nothing specific to what you did to your PC and something that Nexon can fix with the next SC.

Check around for threads on disappearing backgrounds. I know some people were posting weird pictures of Henisys without any background and stuff, weird!
Nov 25 2010
Happens to me in FM and sometimes in crowded maps. Except instead of white I see black. Sometimes my + other people's bodies are gone and all I see are their eyes and mouth
Nov 25 2010
you dont need to upgrade your graphics card, its just a problem that nexon made and now has to fix
Nov 25 2010
Nexon don't approve of Zak.....
Nov 25 2010
everlive123 Level 179 Bellocan Night Lord
Same happened with me; couldn't see hp bar or zakum. Couldn't change graphics either. Ahh nexon.
Nov 25 2010
demonchaos Level 171 Windia Blade Master
Anyone remember how to check what graphics card you have? O_o'
Because it might be that but I'm also curious as to what he has. XD
Nov 25 2010
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