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xMararuxe Level 77 Bellocan Kanna 3
Aug 09 2011 For Progness (Mrnesss) because he's one of my best buddies on maplestory ;D!

Anyways, enjoy. Definitely more to come ^^

p.s. Would anyone be interested in doing meso commissions for drawings like this of their character? and if so how much would u be willing to pay in mesos??? Not sure if i'm doing this for sure yet, but i'm just curious (This would only be for scanians btw)

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aldo3d Level 180 Khaini Kaiser 4
oh boy he looks like me....hi fellow blue guy!
Aug 09 2011
mrnesss Level 202 Scania Mechanic 4
Ohhs, Thankies Mara! I just had time to check it cause I have lots of hw (and still do).
I like how you draw the hair!

oh boy he looks like me....hi fellow blue guy! [/quote]
Hai there kind blue man.
Aug 10 2011

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