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Protection Scrolls in Cs

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coolbreeze69 Level 193 Bera Blaze Wizard 4
Why did they only add protection scrolls for equips 105 and below? It's really annoying and the fact that every Chaos scroll they've given away lately has been a 50% or a 20% with a 100% destruction rate..... It's like they don't even try with out events anymore; the redundancies in the Tempest, Pinnacle, and Unleashed gear attire and the shops they have with them slowly getting worse and worse items for a greater cost it's getting ridiculous.
Posted: September 2013 Permalink


Because Nexon felt like it. Simple as that.
Sep 06 2013
samueld9810 Level 148 Scania Bishop
They want maplers to blow up their Tyrants amd RA items.
then Maplers qq and buy more nx and blow up again and repeat.
Profit for Nexon
Sep 06 2013
Yeah now we mad huh? let's go bombard Nexon's HQ, you can be the Allah-Boom Guy.
Sep 06 2013
gamemage3 Level 130 Scania Evan 9th Growth
simple marketing tactic, make ppl crave for the real deal more and more and by the time it does come out, ppl going to yolo it with their $$.[/quote]

funny cause if prot and shield were perm like nexon said they would, then i would definitely buy them more instead of using clean slates
Sep 06 2013

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