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Y0u19 Level 200 Bera Bow Master
Oct 08 2011 Had a funny idea so I did it yesterday, enjoy~

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Hoarding is not an ok thing you know
Oct 09 2011
What item is that? Pretty interesting, looks a lot like that platform marker from LPQ.
Oct 10 2011
Msjazz Level 135 Bera Corsair
its platform marker for kpq
Oct 10 2011
WasabiAkira Level 170 Broa Night Lord
If only drugs were this easy to smuggle[/quote]

it is if you stuff them in plush pups =]
Oct 10 2011
bumhedshawt4 Level 162 Broa Buccaneer
Title reminds me of the movie Bridesmaids.[/quote]

Rofl, if only there were a van in this screenshot
Oct 10 2011

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