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Purchasing Nx through website Error?

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rawrxtran Level 147 Windia Dark Knight
Hi Y'all I'm currently trying to purchase NX through the website and I have tried purchasing them on all of my accounts,
but I keep getting this message popping up,

"ERROR- This transaction has been determined as high risk causing the verification process to fail. Please ensure that
your paypal billing information is correct and no methods are being used to misrepresent your billing location. (Code:60001)"

I have also tried clicking on the Get Support as well, but sadly the link that re-directs us is currently down... does anyone have the same
problem as this? Is so is there any solution as well? Thanks in Advance!
Posted: January 2015 Permalink


ProEwok Level 122 Scania Luminous 4
Mine says that as wel but you can try other sites to buy nx code pcgamesupply is a trustable on from my experiance
Jan 07 2015
aznstyles Level 210 Mardia Dark Knight
I think its like that for everyone.
Jan 07 2015
it looks like it your banned from buying nx online.
Jan 07 2015

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