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Putting Beast Tamer on hold

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pilox Level 207 KradiaEMS Beast Tamer Shared
I was super excited about Beast Tamer a week or so back, and while I still am, I've decided to put it on hiatus.

It has nothing to do with its immobility, if anything I find that a challenge. I do it for one reason; funding.
I do have a bit to fund with, but Fort's hammer attack has a 1xx% something attack, which is extremely poor as a final skill, in any job.
That is part of the reason; I can still train (got it to 207). My current issue is the lack of enthusiasm for Beast Tamer and thereas lack of clean or decent weapons, refraining me from successfully finishing my Arcane River quests in a reasonable amount of time. I still haven't finished the pre-quest in like a week.

However, Beast Tamers are still awesome and will definitely return to it should weapons become more available (lucid/damien) becomes a regular occurrence in EMS.
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peachtime Level 210 Bellocan Paladin
I personally hate training with Fort, but Lai is a totally different experience. My BT is not as funded as my Paladin yet so it takes me a few 3-point pounces to take down the mobs over at Arcane River, but nonetheless it's still one of the most enjoyable mobbing experiences I've had in this game.

I also like making equipment from scratch so the fact that there are virtually no decent scepters in the FM doesn't really phase me.

Can I ask what class you're planning on playing next?
Apr 20 2017

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