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Quack Screen

By spadestyle

spadestyle Level 215 Khaini Evan 10th Growth
Aug 18 2015 I made a drawing of my guildy on his Giant Ducky Chair. I think I'm starting to get the hang of shading now

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pokiitia Level 250 Bera Phantom 4
so country
Aug 18 2015
itoldyounoob Level 221 Arcania Paladin
I love it.
Love the chair too
Aug 19 2015
lilazninja Level 221 Khaini Kanna 4
+3 The duck pierces into your soul.[/quote]

This is how people should make duck faces when they take selfies.
Aug 19 2015
cutiekat Level 73 Khaini Phantom 1
Lovely art aram

Hi Alice
Aug 19 2015

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