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Queen of Rene Screen

By MissTabbeh

MissTabbeh Level 100 Renegades Kanna 4
May 27 2014 Chibi style done for my friend Finally getting comfortable with my tablet, may be able to take commissions someday!

Lace background is from kabocha

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Briqht Level 217 Scania Kanna 4
Soooo adorableeeeeeeeeeee
May 27 2014
ZuaDrago Level 185 Scania Xenon 4
+1 It's cute, looks like the Wreck It Ralph movie.
My only concern is the overlay on the chest to the shirt/jacket.
And I'm not being perverted. It's still nice artwork!
May 27 2014
BlazeMaple Level 208 Broa F/P Arch Mage
That is... just so friggin' adorable.
May 27 2014
MissTabbeh Level 100 Renegades Kanna 4
Thank you all .. ^^

@ZuaDrago Yeah, I see it now=( halfway thru the lineart I got pissed at the clothes and took whatever I can make almost look right.. xD I went thru four other sketches/lining/pieces of this same girl until I settled with completing this one, so yeah I did have a rushed attitude =(
May 27 2014

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