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Question about beast tamer

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aceforte Level 207 Reboot Kanna 4
Hey guys!
I was wondering, how good are BT?
my main is a Kinesis, att range are 145k.
So i was wondering would be a good idea moving into a BT?
i dont really know much about that class, are good mobbing and bossers?
is better than an unfunded kinesis?
Posted: January 2016 Permalink


chicken Level 170 Nova Blaze Wizard 4 Parousia Guild See what games, anime & art chicken is intochicken
+1 I trained a Beast Tamer to 150.
It was hell.
I trained a Kinesis to 90.
It wasn't hell.

IMO, stick with Kinesis.
Beast Tamer is... *shudders*
Jan 14 2016
aceforte Level 207 Reboot Kanna 4
@chicken: Thanks for the advice!
Jan 14 2016
liquidjade Level 173 Windia Evan 10th Growth Dystopians Guild
Beast timers are sorta lacking when it comes to bossing
Jan 14 2016

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