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Question about bullets

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chucknoris35 Level 91 Broa Phantom 3
So I am planning to make a corsair and I guess while I`m working on all my link skills I should start collecting bullets.

I am in Scania and haven`t seen a single corsair at all, nor have I seen a set of bullets anywhere either.

My question to you guys, what bullets should I aim to collect and which mob drops them?

Thank you for your time everyone.
Posted: November 2014 Permalink


Crizit Level 221 Broa Corsair
Giant bullets are hard to get - pass on them.
Few monsters drop Eternal Bullets, google those
if you are lazy and, do the cwk quest and the npc will sell you 18 attk bullets, shiny bullets. they lv90.
Use those lv90 ones until theres an event shop for gold shiny bullets.
Nov 20 2014
ProEwok Level 122 Scania Luminous 4
Hey i got some for you msg me in game megabytess
Nov 20 2014

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