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Question about range and Paralyze

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speedyguy04 Level 207 Windia F/P Arch Mage
I was just wondering, at what range does Paralyze hit enough per line to become more efficient than FH+ME?
Posted: September 2015 Permalink


avihai133 Level 214 Scania F/P Arch Mage
+1 WHen you can 100% cap FH paralyze should be strong enough to over dmg me+fh
Sep 10 2015
rainfall Level 162 Renegades Kanna 4
well now since you cannot spam fh + me, paralyze would probably be better all around.
but you should be hitting cap with paralyze with 2m-2m range with 16k int ish with 250% boss.
Jan 14 2016

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