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Questions about Daggers

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StopStalkMeh Level 128 Broa Blade Master
Hey there Basil,
I've got some questions I need answers to :

  1. What's the best Level 120 Dagger that we can still get ?

  1. How much does it cost ( Clean, no scrolls , no enchants, etc) ?

  1. If any, how much does it's recipe costs ?

Thanks for answering !
Posted: August 2014 Permalink


firefly28 Level 150 Scania Buccaneer
I know a dagger that is level 105 called the revolution cutter. It has better stats than level 120 daggers that I know of. If it's clean, it is possibly worth 10 mil or more. Stats are 122 attack, 5 str, 5 luk, 5 dex, 5 int, and 8 slots with no hammers. If you can't find a revolution cutter, then try a vip dagger (luk or str). Search for daggers using the scania maple dot fm website. Have fun searching for a clean dagger.
Aug 24 2014
mrspike188 Level 200 Khaini Blade Master;amp;PXePXYZ&Pn9wbXL&EZWwjH2&xEEzP9A&m2p9muJ&oWufEtT&cupGFWb#4 page 8
Aug 24 2014

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