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renexz Level 171 Galicia Xenon 4 ZonaBR Guild
So... I've created a Kanna and burned her in the past days, he's (yep, mine is a boy) level 132 now, and he's really fun to play and stuff... But I need some help with him. Some questions for you guys answer to me:

1- Does Kanna have an emblem? How can I get it?
2- I'm like 32k~46k range buffed, do you guys know somewhere to train for good exp?
3- I have a fan with epic tier and some nice potentials in it, but idk why, I can't transfer these same potentials to my new fan (they are both level 100 and 8 star forced). Anyone knows why I can't transfer the potentials to the new fan? Anyone knows how can I do it?

Also, thanks for the replies!
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kanji Level 160 Demethos Demon Avenger 4
+1 No idea about the emblem, but from 134-140~ish, I trained on the burning map with Dark Wyverns. They drop the level 140 set and usually have a level 10 burning map. Add in a rune and you're raking in a ton of exp. Grinding goes faster when I listen to a podcast or watch a video, so there's that if you feel like it's too slow.
Regarding the potential transfer: You can't transfer stars/potentials onto equips of the same level or from one higher leveled equip to a lower leveled one. It has to be to an equip that is higher leveled and not more than 20 levels higher.
Fun fact: The equips do NOT have to be of the same gender or even of the same class.
Aug 31 2016
peachtime Level 215 Bera White Knight
+1 1) You have to resort to the boss emblem, unfortunately.
2) The bats at the 4th part of the Gollux prequest are really good, especially since Kanna can aggro them throughout the map.
3) You can only transfer to a higher level item.
Sep 01 2016
renexz Level 171 Galicia Xenon 4 ZonaBR Guild
@kanji: @peachtime:

Thank you guys! So, one thing I didn't said is that the fan with the potential have -70 level reduction, but I see that it "still level 100 in the game code", so yeah, no %damage and %pdr on my fan GG

About the emblem, yeah I will do some Boss Arena, thanks anyway!

About the places to train, I'll try both, And I'll do normal zak too. One more thing:

I'm like 50k range now. Can I do EZHT now?
Sep 01 2016
vietua Level 210 Scania Beast Tamer Cat See what games, anime & art vietua is intoVietUA
1) Only way is to get the Boss thingy so you're out of luck. I'd just wait the two years it'll take Nexon to implement a good emblem.
2) Your range is incredibly low. If you're on any world other than Reboot, start investing into Fafnir and CRA equipment which shouldn't cost you more than 500m in total (unless prices have fluctuated?) and start spell tracing and star forcing. Work on getting epic potential scrolls to cube your way up using Masters if needed. I got 800k range doing this without spending a single cent. Expect about 60% damage with the same range because our inflated range is crazy. If you're on Reboot, get the 140 equips and build your way up. A good way for both types of worlds is to build your second fan (Haku's) almost as well as your primary fan.
Once your range is pretty adequate, you can start training anywhere.
3) Transfer hammer?

You're gonna see that Kanna isn't the best choice now that they've nerfed the binds, but it's still viable for utility and party play, which is only in Reboot.
Sep 01 2016
peachtime Level 215 Bera White Knight
@renexz: You can definitely do Easy HT with that range with a bit of patience. You should consider farming Runes of Riches since they actually have a high chance of giving Epic equipment (same for the bonus stage for elite bosses), so don't fret too much about missing out your current fan. For now you can just use the better fan on Haku.
Sep 02 2016
renexz Level 171 Galicia Xenon 4 ZonaBR Guild
@vietua: I'm from Galicia, and Kanna isn't my main I just burned her and wanted to train with her until level 150+ to make the burning worth. I have a couple million mesos on my main, and I can give some to my Kanna, but I already star forced and scrolled(70% and sometimes 30%) everything. I'll do the boss arena for the lol's and if I get bored, I'll stop doing it I can buy CRA as well, if I feel the need to. I just want to boost up the range is because idk why, but I ALWAYS have fun, w.e is the class lol, so I like to give the chars that I create a "special" treatment(Idk if this is the right word lol). But yea, I'll figure out my way now! ^^
@peachtime: I'll try EZHT today then! Thanks for the reply I do eboss every time I can, and I'll give more attention to this rune that you mentioned. Aboute the fan, LOL I forgot I can equip this on Haku, omg. I've been using a pretty crap fan for Haku all this time. I guess this fan will give me some nice range boost. Thanks!

This is all what I need rn! Thanks guys I see now, Basil is full of jerks, but it's full of good and helpful people! Thanks again, lol
Sep 02 2016

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