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Quick 1-20 "guide Video

By LokiTheStrange

LokiTheStrange Level 70 Khaini Zero Beta
May 25 2014 I've found that Kanna is the fastest class to get to level 20, why level 20 you might ask? Well Tots quest allows you to get 2 free megaphones at level 20. I'm not the first to think of this (this I am certain of), but might as well give my take on it.

The starting quests are pretty easy, you just need to talk to some NPC and kill like 50 monsters or so, that'll bring you up to level 17.Then I just walk to the Blue Mushmoms, who give 2k exp each and are easy to kill (Takes forever to kill on any explorer under level 29). Be considerate, like if after the second mushmom you kill you're at level 19 with 99% just kill some other mobs instead of wasting a Mushmom (pretty long spawn on them).

If you want to continue onto level 30, go a head and kill the rest of the 20 other Blue Mushmoms, then continue traveling to the left and kill off 20 Zombie Mushmoms. Zombie Mushmoms have more health, but give around the same EXP. That should bring you up to maybe lvl 27 or so not on 2xp. Then if I have a few acc pots lying around I'd just go to Sleepy wood, I didn't have much problem with the Tauromacis and Taurospear, tho it's kinda a long walk and there's probably better methods.

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