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MapleKamui Level 133 Scania Phantom 4 Reconcile Guild
Hey guys!
So just like you've seen the previous post, I am hosting the first event here. The event is where you comment down below anything and you enter the lottery. I will then count the amount of people and put it into a randomizer and then the number that comes up will win!

The prize for this event is 5B Mesos, and 10 people can win!
At the end there will be a lucky draw for the person who gets 10B!
If I feel good, then I will give away some 50k nx cards!

Good luck to you all!

Giveaway ends at: 15/4/2015 5PM AEST
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BladeOfDual Level 232 Renegades Demon Slayer 4
Apr 14 2015
rixworkwix Level 210 Bera Shade 4
Apr 14 2015
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