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REBOOT Funding a new Night Lord

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bloi023 Level 159 Reboot Kanna 4
Hey guys! I recently got locked out of my old account so started fresh on reboot. I am planning to create my main, a Night Lord, via the burning event that begins on July 5th. I created a kanna about a week ago and at the pace im going, I will probably have around 3 - 3.5 bil mesos to fund the nl (also crafted 8 sets of c illbis for the luls). I was wondering what potentials i should aim for on my equipment, as my current idea was to go for unique on everything with 9% luk minimum, but im not sure how plausible this is based on my budget because Ive never done any intensive cubing before.

On a side note, I was also wondering if i should use the override set over the pensalir set, the set bonus is much stronger and the weapon already comes with 12%all stats.
Not sure if I ever plan to go far enough into the game to get cra gear or anything like that, I just want a decent amount of range to boss and enjoy myself with my favorite class.
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terrorface Level 234 Reboot Night Lord
Getting to Lvl 200 and picking up CRA gear is easier than ever now, especially on Reboot. So use the Override set for as long as you can, but pick up Pensalir gear from Runes of Treasure/EBosses/mob drops, as they can be used to transfer to CRA gear (Especially for easy Epic tier).

3-3.5 bil is fine to start, but if you wanna play long term in Reboot, I would definitely suggest getting in the habit of making time to farm mesos on a regular basis. I'm not saying you have to hardcore grind mesos everyday, but it's nice to have that flow of income every week to help your character progress. Double Miracle Time has been confirmed to be coming soon. So I would suggest working on leveling and picking up endgame pieces of equipment as priority and then use that mesos to get everything tiered up the best you can.

9%'s on everything is a good start goal, but aim higher! It is very possible!
Jun 29 2017
bloi023 Level 159 Reboot Kanna 4
@terrorface: thanks for responding. So would you recommend switching to pensalir and cubing that because its transferable? How would I even go about getting CRA gear because I doubt I would have nearly enough range to get carried.
Jun 29 2017
terrorface Level 234 Reboot Night Lord
@bloi023: All you need to get carried is a friend who can take the bosses down.

You don't switch to the Pensalir, just grab some to use for equipment transfer to the CRA gear when you get it.
Jul 03 2017

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