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RGTS guide for DBs Pt. 1 Video

By ssj3500

ssj3500 Level 235 Bellocan Paladin
Aug 10 2010 Not that it's a terribly complicated process, but I figured there weren't really any guides for DBs regarding RGTS, so why not make on? It's split it to two parts, the second part also has the killing of a few to show how nice RGTS training can be. My kill time when this was recorded was around 35 minutes.

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I should level fast before DBs start taking over RGTS
Aug 11 2010
Don't type on maple. It's terribly slow =/ But I liked it!
Aug 11 2010
betterdayys Level 36 Kradia Crossbow Man
...... Are you trying to turn this boss into Anego? Just why? -_-
Aug 12 2010
ssj3500 Level 235 Bellocan Paladin
wow hacks much? at 2:56? unless your pet autopot actually heals that fast...[/quote]

Nah, if I hacked I'd be 200 and have money, I probably just hit the pot key as soon as I saw the numbers, it's right next to the FJ key.
Aug 13 2010

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