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RGTS guide for DBs Pt. 2 Video

By ssj3500

ssj3500 Level 235 Bellocan Paladin
Aug 11 2010 The second part of my RGTS guide, this contains a final bit of advice and the actual killing. This provides a nice example of why RGTS is a good training path, not particularly worth it until 16x or so, but hey, that's when it helps the most.

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Laker1294 Level 195 Windia Night Lord
nice control and a very useful guide
Aug 12 2010
nice control and a very useful guide[/quote]
Not much of a control has to do with bossing, since he literally spams a macro.
OT: Very nice to have such a guide, will help me once I get high lvl enuf for this to come handy.
Aug 12 2010
Hey, I'm in the video! Kind of ... xD
Aug 12 2010
Imagine the EXP at that level on x4..
Aug 12 2010
Hmm, just a quick question. Would it be better to max mirrored target or final cut first or just do whichever and go into this at 160ish?
Aug 12 2010
betterdayys Level 36 Kradia Crossbow Man
Mods, please remove BOTH of these videos (pt 1 and pt 2). People like him don't deserve a boss if he's just going to ruin everything. Don't blame me when you can't find this boss in a month because of all the other band wagons who try to kill this.
Aug 12 2010

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