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Race to the Finish Screen

By ezperanza11

ezperanza11 Level 207 Windia Marksman Teased Guild
Jul 13 2015 In honor of Flag Race, I present the following picture.

Sorry for not posting for awhile. Had artists block + summer school.
This was super fun to draw because I took the approach with no/soft lines. It was different, but it turned out nicely. Excuse my background. Backgrounds are always my weak point. I haven't flag raced in forever so excuse me if the map may be wrong.

Featured in this picture are regular flag racers. In the back is CptShah, to the right of him is FriedCod (because that's so hard to tell XD), in front of CptShah is Micromanaged, in front Noiit, and in front taliaendra.

Me and CptShah best/only guild flag race duo tbh.

Comments appreciated! Drawn freehand on iPad via Sketchbook Pro

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pokiitia Level 250 Bera Phantom 4
+1 Wow, didn't know people still did the flag race thing other than for Noblesse SP.
Love it.
Waiting on a certain someone to give the toast...
I wonder what delicious cuisine we're celebrating this with.
Jul 13 2015
FriedClams Level 211 Windia Paladin SquishyNoobs Guild See what games, anime & art FriedClams is intoFriedClams
+7 @FriedClams
Is McDonald's really delicious?[/quote]

Yes, McDonalds is delicious! Thank you for adding me in your drawing! I saved it to my computer! Celebrate with a delicious 3 course meal! You start with scallops, pancetta, quail eggs, truffles over a pea puree. For your entree, you have beef wellington, glazed carrots, mashed potatoes and a red wine sauce. For dessert, you have sticky toffee pudding!
Jul 13 2015
Decensy Level 210 Bera I/L Arch Mage
talia this is amazing, holy crap
Jul 13 2015

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