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Range help for Aran

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pentakiruuu Level 181 Renegades Aran 4 See what games, anime & art pentakiruuu is intopentakiruuu
Okay, so I want to start raising my range because it's pretty low.
It's about 40k max.
I've read a lot about %str being an important factor, anyone?

Edit: I have 6 piece lionheart, and a temporary commerci polearm that I am using.
Superior Gollux belt (10 stars)
Greed Pendant and some trash accessories.
Posted: December 2016 Permalink


+1 Get str % on armors, and atk % on weapon, emblem, and secondary. You should also consider switching over to either fafnir, sweetwater or the new absolab equips when you can-- before you put in too much work on the lion heart stuff. Everyone says to just go for fafnir instead of the other two though because fafnir uses top and bottom so it has more bonus potentials than sweetwater/absolab's overall.
Dec 08 2016
redaran Level 68 Hercules Dawn Warrior 4
you gotta cube em
Dec 09 2016

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