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Range needed for hard gollux?

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ProEwok Level 122 Scania Luminous 4
How much range is needed to kill hard gollux

Got 155 boss and 500k range i coulldnt kill it

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Fluxxxxx Level 203 Kradia Zero Transcendent
500k range is enough, either you have too little pdr, or you need to work on your control when fighting him.

Are you dying 5 times, or running out of time?
Nov 23 2014
RagerRaging Level 220 Nova Shade 4 Revenance Guild
Not sure if you're doing something wrong or just suck at dodging attacks...
I first started soloing hard Gollux with only 300kish range on my shade, and that only took 15 mins. Now I got twice that and I can solo him in 5 mins. You probably just suck at dodging his attacks. I'm not sure if you can snipe his chin like how night lord does, but if you can then make sure to take out his right shoulder if you're going against him. If not then take out his Abs and use beam dance.
Then when you get to the eyes go to the top left platform and go to the left of that platform so you can avoid all the attacks he throws at you during the eye stage of Gollux and make sure to use snipe for this part.
Then when you're at the forehead use beam dance like no tomorrow
And make sure that you place that DoT skill with the ball in the cube or whatever it is on the floor so the mobs don't touch Gollux and kill you.
Once you get the timing for Gollux down he's easy.
Nov 23 2014
xtripled Level 33 Scania Fighter
you have more than enough range, your control probably sucks
Nov 23 2014
hungbathienha Level 201 Scania Night Lord
Not sure how it is for Luminous, but 125K was enough for me as a NL. (100% critical, 103% boss, 73% PDR).

Take out his left shoulder and just snipe. Oh, make sure to have a good tv episode or anime, cuz it gets boring sniping for 25 minutes.
Nov 23 2014
ksilsu Level 210 Khaini Hero Lift Guild
You should watch ZeroByDivide doing hellux if you want to see how to kill it with your Lumi
Nov 23 2014
ProEwok Level 122 Scania Luminous 4
im dieing 5 times
pdr is 75 %
Nov 23 2014
saaww Level 209 Demethos Zero Transcendent
I do it easily with my 200k range zero (which has far harder time with golllux than lumi), you need to learn how to dodge the attacks.
Nov 23 2014
DispectingGMS Level 211 Bera Night Walker 4
If you are dying 5 times either do normal or practice on your mechanics.
Nov 23 2014
ProEwok Level 122 Scania Luminous 4
i just tried again now i didnt die
and only got like 3/4 before it ran out of time
Nov 23 2014
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