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Rare Alien Fragment Helmet Screen

By deeemon

deeemon Level 214 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art deeemon is intoDeeMon
Apr 19 2015 Is this the first time someone got this helmet? I haven't really seen any screenshot of someone that actually got it. Oh, err, it took many PQs to get this helmet. I would probably say somewhere around 60 - 90 PQs.

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HalloweenTown Level 157 Scania Beginner
+1 I remember seeing it drop on my 70th attempt with a party back when I was level a low level 200...

Edit: I never got one, only seen. I got the belt, earrings, and ring but not the helmet. That helmet is godly to a perm beginner though!
Apr 19 2015
Avatar Level 32 Windia Mercedes 1
Sucks that the pq is level 200 I could really use those items. Are they all untradeable?
Apr 19 2015
WhatIsRealLol Level 70 Bera Battle Mage 3
+2 damn 17 slots... hot damn[/quote]

helmet actually have 35 slots when hammered
Apr 19 2015
HalloweenTown Level 157 Scania Beginner
Not going to lie, pretty damn jealous of you bro! I been trying for this hat for my permanent noblesse... Great job on achieving this!
Apr 19 2015
Caeg Level 241 Windia Corsair Trill Guild See what games, anime & art Caeg is intoCaeg
why havent people primed these all the way...gonna be crazy expensive but dangggggggg[/quote]

If you wanna donate the primes I'm sure someone would.
Apr 20 2015

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